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Motivating Residential Energy Conservation

CPD fellow Mark Connelly reviews the Rudd Government’s performance on residential energy conservation: Under the recommendations of the Garnaut Climate Change Review, residential electricity prices are projected to rise by 21 to 31 per...

Inclusion in Mark Diesendorf’s new book

Regina Betz and Iain MacGill’s case against carbon compensation is featured in Mark Diesendorf’s new book Climate Action. They make the case that good governance in a national Emissions Trading Scheme requires 100% auctioning.

Fencing Wire and Mirrors: the World of the National Energy System

Gavan McDonell untangles the history and politics of Australia’s National Energy Market.

Emissions Trading: Good Governance Requires 100% Auctioning

In advance of the Garnaut Review’s final report, Iain McGill and Regina Betz argue that the introduction of a national Emissions Trading Scheme should see all permits auctioned rather than given away to industry.

Carbon Markets in the Laboratory

Andrew Reeson and Karel Nolles examine how experimental economics can inform carbon market design.

Energy efficiency: the smart way to cool the climate

Jane Castle argues that changes to the way Australia’s energy market works will make it easier to green our economy.

Global warming and the case for a coal tax

Australia can outpace the Kyoto process without having to go it alone, writes John Perkins.

Not all roads lead to Rome: Crisis without collapse

CPD members are invited to join Professor Thomas Homer-Dixon, author of The Upside of Down, and CPD fellow Ian Dunlop in Sydney on August 27th to discuss how we can build our capacity to...

Towards a realistic climate change policy

The Emissions Trading Task Group is a creature of another age – an age before we knew just how seriously our activities were jeapardising the climate. Former senior oil & coal industry executive Ian...

Qantas sale: flying blind into turbulent times

The threat of climate change and the sale of Qantas have sat cheek-by-jowl on the business pages in recent weeks – but no one has spotted the link between the two. Former head of...