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Global warming and the case for a coal tax

Australia can outpace the Kyoto process without having to go it alone, writes John Perkins.

Crisis without collapse

How can we transform the risk of breakdown into an opportunity for renewal? Thomas Homer-Dixon explores the possibilities for positive change in this extract from ‘The Upside of Down: Catastrophe, Creativity, and the Renewal...

Climate change policy: the ‘joined-up community’ approach

For any policy directed at climate change to be both successful and equitable, we will need to radically rethink how to involve citizens in the policy-making process, writes Dr Janette Hartz-Karp

The fine art of environment policy

Environment policy making is an art, not a science, writes Kathleen Broderick. It’s time to move beyond paint-by-numbers and create great works of policy that will be admired by future generations.

Sustainability Reporting: How far have we come?

Both governments and corporations are guilty of using sustainability reporting as a marketing exercise rather than a tool for improving decision making, write Andrew Macintosh and Deb Wilkinson. We need to improve the quality,...

Environment policy: standing on principles

This paper by Geoff McAlpine outlines the principles that could underpin more effective responses to our many environmental challenges.

Environment policy in Australia: beyond ‘business as usual’

The Centre for Policy Development invites you to contribute to a series of articles and discussion papers looking at how we can move beyond our current impasse on environmental policy. This series will attempt...

Snapshots of Integrated Transport and Land Use Planning in Canada

Gabrielle Kuiper showcases five inspiring examples which demonstrate how good urban planning can reduce car use and urban sprawl.

Is nanotechnology rushing into a repeat of the biotechnology backlash?

Risks associated with the science of the small demand a Government commitment to protect the public interest, writes Georgia Miller

Miners behaving badly abroad

How can we ensure that Australian mining companies adhere to a set of basic minimum standards when operating overseas? Techa Beaumont