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An Industry Economist looks at Australia’s health industry

Ian McAuley describes how the health sector would look to an industry economist, and finds some strange practices.

Take health governance out of politician’s hands

John Menadue AO identifies a lack of political will as the essence of the problem for governments facing health care reform. The solution is governance reform that puts a permanent independent Australian Health Commission...

Your Local or mine?

Fiona Armstrong looks at the diverse meanings being given to the word ‘local’ in the current health debate, and explains the need for all health care services (not just hospitals) to be linked or...

Taking the pain out of patients’ hip pockets

Jennifer Doggett puts the spotlight on a significant gap in the health reform debate – the growing proportion of health funding that comes directly from patient’s pockets, as co-payments or out of pocket expenses.

The Future of Medicare Forum

The Future of the Medicare Forum – Exploring the funding arrangements in the public health system. Outstanding panel of speakers including The Hon Paul Lucas – Minister for Health QLD Dr Paul Gross-Institute of...

Out of pocket: rethinking health copayments | OCCASIONAL PAPER

Jennifer Doggett proposes a complete rethink of the way we pay for health care in the Centre for Policy Development’s latest paper ‘Out of Pocket’

More than one health insurer is too many: the case for a single insurer | DISCUSSION PAPER

CPD fellow Ian McAuley explores the intrinsic limitations of Australia’s current private health insurance system and explains how a single national health insurer can overcome them. McAuley argues that a single national insurer is...

Get health policy out of the emergency ward

In this paper published by the CPD, Jennifer Doggett shows that health systems oriented towards primary and preventative care achieve better health outcomes at a lower overall cost than systems oriented towards hospital care.

A New Approach to Primary Care for Australia | OCCASIONAL PAPER

The best way to take the pressure off hospitals is to ensure that most people don’t need to go there in the first place. In this new paper Jennifer Doggett explains how we can...