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5 2020 ideas in 5 minutes

In this installment of ‘5 ideas in 5 minutes’, we present a selection of ideas which delegates will be taking to the Australia 2020 summit this weekend.

Democratic renewal – filling the gaps

Much of my thinking on the questions listed in the governance background paper has been shaped by contributors to the Centre for Policy Development – a couple of whom, Janette Hartz-Karp and Lyn Carson,...

My 2020 homework

Along with all the other 2020 Summiteers I was given homework to complete by yesterday afternoon. We had to answer two questions: 1. Provide a 100 word description of an idea that you think...

Freedom of information

FOI links: Principles: Maximum disclosure, allowable exemptions only  Key questions:  how do you avoid the allowable exemptions from being exploited? how do you stop a more rigorous foi regime from driving really...

CPD blogs are go

As promised, CPD blogs have arrived. Staff and fellows will be blogging about their latest research, posting links to relevant publications and events, and discussing their ideas on key CPD issues and themes. Depending...

Austrians and Australian public ideas

Ian McAuley detects the influence of Polanyi – the other Austrian economist – in Kevin Rudd’s recent speech to the CIS.