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CPD supports a Yes vote in the 2023 referendum to create a Voice to Government for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

A new policy framework for Indigenous housing

Just as houses need effective architecture and design, so too do Indigenous housing policies, writes Michael Dillon.

Native title: beyond the backyards and beaches

Howard and Beazley’s failure to stir up public outrage over the recent native title decision in WA shows that the old ‘backyards at risk’ line is getting rusty, writes Larissa Behrendt.

The need for evidence-based policy for Indigenous outstations

Economists and politicians who regard remote Indigenous outstations as 'unviable' need to take a wider view, writes Jon Altman

Decades of Neglect: Remote Indigenous Communities and the Myths about Money

Peter Gale argues that the Howard government’s ‘tough on crime’ response to the media debate about ‘Indigenous violence’ in remote communities is drawing much-needed attention away from the underlying issues of health, housing, education,...

National Identity and Reconciliation

Renae Ferguson writes, there are also examples of remote communities that are well-managed and serve as exemplars of indigenous self-determination. However, far too much of indigenous experience is unfortunate, and the statistics are alarming