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Adaptive Capacity Cover Image

Adaptive Capacity: A tool for economic transition planning

Understanding Adaptive Capacity is a discussion paper from the Centre for Policy Development’s sustainable economy program. It follows previous reports on climate transition risks and challenges for local economies, and forms part of a...

Mandatory Disclosure - Treasury

Measuring What Matters: Submission to Treasury

The Measuring What Matters submission from the Centre for Policy Development recommends government should start by identifying broad wellbeing goals

Mandatory Disclosure - Treasury

White paper on employment: Submission to Treasury

CPD’s employment white paper submission identifies three major opportunities to advance full employment in Australia

Mandatory Disclosure - Treasury

Mandatory Disclosure of Climate-Related Risks and Opportunities: Submission to Treasury

Government authorities and large privately-held businesses should ultimately disclose climate risks alongside publicly traded companies to support a swift, just and orderly transition to net zero

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Investing for Australia – Clarifying Climate Risk Expectations for the Future Fund

Investing for Australia: Clarifying climate risk expectations for the Future Fund assess the sovereign wealth fund’s climate risk response and recommends three steps to put the Future Fund on the path to climate risk...


RBA Review submission: Equipping the RBA for a dynamic climate risk and transition response

The Reserve Bank is governed by a 63-year-old law that requires the RBA Board to contribute to economic prosperity and welfare. It makes sense to update this to account for the realities of climate...

Principles for an effective wellbeing budget

Principles for an Effective Wellbeing Budget is a briefing paper by the Centre for Policy Development’s Wellbeing Initiative. It builds on the research contained in the Redefining Progress report to articulate working principles for...

Raising the Bar Centre For Policy Development Header and Cover Image

Raising the Bar: Managing climate change risk in public authorities

Raising the Bar: Managing climate change risk in public authorities Raising the Bar: Managing Climate Change Risk in Public Authorities is a report from the Centre for Policy Development's Sustainable Economy Program. It recommends...

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Redefining Progress: Global lessons for an Australian approach to wellbeing

Redefining Progress is a report from the Centre For Policy Development’s Wellbeing Initiative. Looking at 21 global approaches to wellbeing over the past 50 years it identifies four key characteristics of advanced wellbeing approaches...

Starting Now Feature Image

Starting Now – Centre for Policy Development

Starting Now - first steps towards a universal early childhood system Starting Now is a briefing paper from the Centre for Policy Development that sets out a roadmap to a universal, accessible and affordable...