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Jane Caro and Chris Bonnor AM

The Sydney Morning Herald & The Age | 26 August 2013

‘Rush to schools in wealthy suburbs skews the system’ ‘Strugglers sit next to strugglers in some schools and the fortunate next to the fortunate…’ Jane Caro and Chris Bonnor, authors of the chapter ‘Getting...

Why our teachers are not top of the class

CPD fellow does the arithmetic on why schools are falling behind Australia flags in OECD International Student Assessment rankings Teachers in Shanghai and Korea spend significantly less class time with their students than their...

Online Opinion, 5 September 2012

CPD fellow gets beyond Gillard’s Gonski rhetoric and asks: what’s in it for schools? In his short opinion piece, CPD fellow Chris Bonnor unmasks the political self-preservation behind Gillard’s populist take on the Gonski...

Adam Rorris | Proposal for schools to go fully solar

Adam Rorris reported in the SMH to urge the Government to go further in helping schools to go solar.

Throwing billions at schools

Adam Rorris ponders the welcome problem of quickly spending $14.7 billion in schools

CPD Road Test: schools funding

Labor’s pledge to keeping pumping valuable education dollars into the Coalition’s wasteful SES funding scheme is bad policy, writes Lyndsay Connors.

Improving our schools – an educated approach

Many teachers – particularly in the public system – still assume that education is something that happens to children, rather than with them, argues Joanna Mendelssohn. But current federal government policy won't bring about...

How equitable is our education system?

Sheldon Rothman unpacks the stats on equity in Australia's education system, and finds that to help disadvantaged young people catch up to other groups we need much greater investment in the schools they attend.

Too smart by half?

Howard’s claim to have increased public school funding by 70% over the last ten years might not be a lie – or even a damn lie – but it’s definitely a dodgy statistic, writes...

The curriculum for public confidence

Bruce Wilson blames educational curricula for lost confidence by parents and proposes several solutions to remedy this, starting with a simpler, shorter, national curriculum.