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Quality education for all: state aid is still the issue

This week it was revealed that private schools are receiving around $2 billion more than they are entitled to under the SES model for private school funding. In the latest instalment of the Centre...

Quality education for all: funding matters

Deputy Federal President of the Australian Education Union Angelo Gavrielatos defends public education against recent attacks and outlines five key investments that governments should make to ensure that our public education system continues to...

Quality education for all: towards an educational commons

In the second instalment of our series on education funding policy Michael Furtado argues that the Catholic Education sector needs to stop fighting old battles and start building common ground with its real allies.

Quality education for all: the view from the ground

Chris Bonnor describes how inconsistent obligations condemn one sector to struggle and enable the other to succeed.

Labour education policy buried by an untrue tale

In the second of 2 articles on the myths behind the education debate, Anthony Ashbolt shoots down the ‘hit list’ theory behind Labor’s lost election

The myths we are taught about schools

In the first of two articles on the myths behind the education debate, Anthony Ashbolt writes that although many parents believe the media misconceptions about public versus private schooling, a majority would still choose...

Values and Australian schools: Towards an inclusive and respectful society

Professor Alan Reid explains the important role that public schools play in creating a tolerant and cohesive multicultural society. He calls for policymakers to understand the public purposes of education when formulating curriculum and...

A 21st Century Investment: Better schooling starts with more choice and quality

Corin McCarthy argues that if parents have more choice over the nature of their children’s education, they will be more willing to see their taxes go towards government investment in schools. To this end,...

Education Vision: Keeping more kids in school

Richard Sweet presents his education policy vision in which he urges 'Australia to switch from the dominant model of schooling that is unusual by international standards (all young people staying in the same school...

Where do we start?

How can schools provide equality of opportunity? by Don Aitkin