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2ser The Daily | 19 July 2013

Could higher taxes be the answer to a tight budget? … Joel Rosenzveig hosts Ben Spies-Butcher, CPD fellow and lecturer in Sociology at Macquarie University, on 2ser’s The Daily to discuss taxation. Ben suggests that...

Radio National Drive budget special | 14 May 2013

Discussing the budget on Radio National Drive Jonathan Green hosts CPD’s Miriam Lyons and Dr John Hewson, former Liberal leader, with input from Paul Bloxham, Alison Carabine, Dr Cassandra Goldie, John Daley, John Connor and Innes Willox. “Treasurer...

The Economist | Laying 22 economists end to end

Experts line up to challenge tax discontent CPD Fellows have won us exposure in international publication, The Economist. No less than three articles about Australian tax policy  in the respected magazine last week benefited from...

Welfare for the rich? How tax breaks are transforming Australia’s Welfare State

CPD Fellow, Ben Spies-Butcher considers how tax breaks are transforming Australia’s welfare. Are these new forms of social security promoting self-reliance or more welfare for the rich? If you’re in Melbourne, come along to...

A view from the ‘tanks’

Katreena Doherty rounds up the latest thinking on tax from progressive think tanks in the US and UK.

The ethical basis of a good tax system

The need for tax-funded services and payments is rising, writes Eva Cox, but public support for increased taxation can only be sustained if we shift the focus of the social security system.

Tax: A Broader Mission

Are we asking our tax and transfer systems to do too much? Ian McAuley believes we have been trying to use transfer payments to compensate for our economy’s inability to provide enough well-paying jobs...

Superannuation savings a small drop in the ocean: Ben Spies-Butcher

Labor’s proposed changes to superannuation are a small step in the right direction, explains CPD fellow Ben Spies-Butcher.

Reforming Australia’s hidden welfare state: Tax expenditures as welfare for the rich | OCCASIONAL PAPER

One of Australia’s least fair and least effective forms of public investment is still growing like topsy. In this paper for the Centre for Policy Development Dr Ben Spies-Butcher and Adam Stebbing uncover Australia’s...

Tax cuts preventing infrastructure growth

CPD fellow Fred Argy, author of ‘Australia’s Fiscal Striaghtjacket‘, discussed the downside of tax cuts on ABC Radio, November 15.