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“Within our democracy there is no shortage of advocates for vested financial, ideological and short-term interests. What the public needs is a sufficient fact base and organisations that argue persuasively on behalf of the many, not just a few. I commend CPD’s commitment to fairness, wellbeing and sustainability and its contribution to research in the public rather than sectional interest.”

– The Hon. Fred Chaney, AO 

“Policy institutes can convince governments and businesses to take a longer term view. They should have a clear understanding of the challenges ahead, and bring unusual suspects together to secure outcomes consistent with Australian values. CPD delivers on both counts.”

– Janet Holmes à Court, AC


“CPD is highly regarded for the depth of its research and analysis, and has maintained the quality in 2014 with impressive work on irregular immigration, public sector efficiency, and the marine economy.”

– Prof. The Hon. Gareth Evans, AC QC

“CPD continues to play a crucial role in the development and dissemination of progressive public policy ideas in Australia. Recent CPD Sustainable Economy reports such as The Longest Conflict: Australia’s Climate Security Challenge and From Vicious to Virtuous Cycles: A Sustainable Future for Australian Agriculture provide excellent examples of the capacity of CPD to combine robust evidence, thoughtful analysis and a strong and effective focus on maximizing policy impact.”

 – Prof. John Wiseman, Deputy Director Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute  

“CPD brings the highest quality intellectual rigour to its work, drawing on the expertise of Fellows with experience in a range of sectors and applying that to issues of high importance, and complexity, to Australia and the region. CPD’s capacity to navigate through complex environments and sets of stakeholders in a sensitive and constructive way has become increasingly evident.”

 – Kirsty Allen, Program Manager: The Sidney Myer Fund & The Myer Foundation


“The Centre for Policy Development (CPD) has a brilliant track record of bringing to the fore well-researched and clearly presented information about a sustainable economic future for Australia.” 

– Grant Mathews, Curlew Fund