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CPD has three interconnected policy programs:

Sustainable Economy: a long-term economic growth strategy based on environmental and social health.

Effective Government: the role of government in the 21st century.

Intergenerational Wellbeing (coming soon): fostering social mobility and tackling disadvantage.


These programs are informed by three cross-cutting themes:

Australia in the World: connecting local, national and global issues.

Regions & Cities: tailoring recommendations to cities, outer metropolitan and regional areas.

Technology & Innovation: Embracing the digital edge, new ideas and collaboration


We publish research papers and proposals on issues falling within this mix. Our team test and promote this research by presenting at conferences, holding events and roundtables, providing briefings and interviews, and writing for specialist and mainstream media.

In 2015 our initial priorities are the security impacts of climate change; valuing natural, knowledge and social capital; and the role of government in service delivery. We will also be convening an events series on The Long Term Now: The View from 2030.