ATTN What would ‘Big Society’ mean for Australia?



Our first major report in CPD’s Public Service research program, The State of the Australian Public Service: An Alternative Report, analysed political commentary and media coverage that, at times, depicts the Australian Public Service as inefficient, large, costly and unwelcome in some aspects of our lives. Our research revealed the disconnect between this rhetoric, community attitudes and the reality of public service staffing, funding and functions.

We now turn our gaze to the radical public sector reforms that are in full swing in the United Kingdom, under the brand ‘Big Society’, and to consider what they could mean for Australia.

Although the rhetoric of the Big Society agenda sounds good, we have been monitoring its effects in the UK since mid-2011 and have seen a number of dangers involved in its approach. We will be discussing accountability and the quality of public services delivered under a Big Society approach. We will also look at its potential to deepen inequality, put strain on not-for-profit organisations, and silence community voices.

Although the term is not yet commonly in use in Australia, initiatives along the lines of a Big Society agenda have been implemented in Australia, and are likely to receive further support. We hope this next stage of our Public Service program will inform and energise debates about the future of public services in Australia. Read more about our work here and here, and follow us on Twitter for more regular updates.

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