CPD History


The Centre for Policy Development grew out of the policy development work of online magazine New Matilda. It is now an entirely separate and independent organisation.

New Matilda was launched in August 2004 to promote truth and accountability in government, to provide an independent media outlet, and to develop policies based on the public good. A separate ‘policy portal’ was added to New Matilda’s website and weekly email in July 2005. Reclaiming our Common Wealth was launched in 2006, and the policy portal rapidly evolved into a ‘virtual think tank’ – developing bold new ideas, stimulating debate, and promoting practical and sustainable policy solutions.

By late 2006 it was apparent that the two parts of New Matilda had outgrown each other. The Centre for Policy Development was officially launched on 23 May  2007, took over the New Matilda policy research and development work and moved it onto a new platform where it could grow in depth and range. Founding chair of New Matilda John Menadue is now a CPD fellow, while former New Matilda Policy Coordinator Miriam Lyons is our Executive Director.

To mark five years of making good ideas matter, CPD put together a few highlights from 2007-2012: Click here to view the happy birthday CPD leaflet!

That’s where we came from, and some of the places we’ve been. The best way to find out what we’re up to these days is still to sign up to our email list.