Create. Connect. Convince.

Forging practical solutions to intractable challenges with our unique method

The Centre for Policy Development’s unique Create-Connect-Convince method is a key point of difference that allows us to foster long-term change enhancing the wellbeing of current and future generations.

The elements of this method are closely intertwined and mutually dependent.

Collaboration between actors who would not usually work together provides a unique environment to strengthen policy proposals in a real-world setting.

Research informed by the robust input of broad stakeholder groups is stress-tested for practicality and arrives ready to implement.

Coalitions built around these practical solutions encourage ambition and confidence in decision makers across institutions. 



Creating the comprehensive reports, papers, submissions and briefing notes we regularly release involves rigorous, cross disciplinary research.

We are committed to ensuring our research incorporates input from a wide range of stakeholders, including those directly affected by policies.

These documents serve as the foundation for outlining well-informed policy proposals and pathways for ambitious government and systems reform.

Through extensive consultation and collaboration our policy recommendations are able to stand as practical roadmaps for positive change that acknowledge and address the real world needs of people, communities and the environment.


Our mission goes beyond research; we actively foster connections and facilitate dialogues among a diverse range of stakeholders and decision-makers.

We recognise the vital role that collaboration plays in creating effective policies and bringing about meaningful change. Our network extends across government, businesses, academia, NGOs, and civil society.

By serving as a connection between these actors, we facilitate the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and insights that lead to innovative solutions and informed policy decisions. This collaborative approach not only enhances the quality of our proposals but ensures they arrive ready to implement.


We then drive real-world change through convincing governments, businesses, and communities to embrace bold action that unlocks multi-dimensional progress.

We persuade leaders to adopt our policy solutions by promoting them through a range of avenues, including presenting at conferences, hosting events and roundtable discussions, providing briefings and interviews to key decision-makers, and contributing to specialist and mainstream media outlets.

Through these channels we also engage with a wide spectrum of stakeholders, sparking meaningful conversations and forging partnerships that drive the implementation of impactful policies.

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