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Advancing the wellbeing of people, communities and the environment by enhancing government decision-making

The Wellbeing Government Initiative at the Centre for Policy Development promotes policy choices that meet the needs of people and planet.

We pursue approaches that are values-driven, holistic and preventative.

Wellbeing government leads to decisions that reflect community values, respect environmental bounds and deploy resources more effectively for the common good. 

The Wellbeing Government Initiative develops evidence and knowledge in our research, creates sound practices in collaborations, and connects people with leading ideas to those who need to hear them.

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The Fifth Wellbeing Government Roundtable brought together senior government officials from multiple departments across six jurisdictions to discuss progress on Commonwealth and state and territory wellbeing frameworks.
The Wellbeing Economy in Brief series is a collection of mini briefing papers that look at the idea of a wellbeing economy, how it relates to other ideas for economic
The Fourth Wellbeing Initiative roundtable was held virtually on Monday 13 November 2023 and was attended by senior public servants from the Commonwealth and four states and territories.

Wellbeing Government in the media

One thing you probably won't be hearing about on Budget night is the idea of 'wellbeing', that's despite the Government unveiling its 'Measuring What Matters Framework' in July last year with the intention to use data on Australia's wellbeing to
Treasurer Jim Chalmers released the government’s new national wellbeing framework on Friday. The Measuring What Matters framework includes 50 indicators to improve the way bureaucrats monitor how the nation is tracking against social and economic outcomes.
The federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers has released Australia's first well-being framework. He says it's all about better aligning what we Australians want for our economy with what we want for our communities and broader society.
Today’s release of the Commonwealth Treasury’s Measuring What Matters statement is an important step towards better government decision-making and a shared vision for the Australia we want, but it’s only the first step.
Australia's first-ever 'wellbeing budget' was released today, showing we are living longer than ever, but the report is copping criticism as the data is a few years old. So, what's even the point of it?
Friday 21 July 2023 – Australia’s first wellbeing framework - Measuring What Matters - released today is an important component of a sustainable economy that works for people, a leading independent policy institute has said.

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