Our impact in FY2024

What we've achieved in FY2024

Over the past year, CPD made significant strides in putting transformative, long-term change back on the government’s agenda, and I couldn’t be more proud of the impact our team had on the policy environment both in Australia and throughout the Indo-Pacific.

Here’s just a few highlights:

  • We’ve gained more comprehensive measures of progress in Australia, such as the federal Measuring What Matters framework and NSW’s Performance and Wellbeing Framework.
  • Raising the bar for public service delivery, the Workforce Australia inquiry proposed reforms that align government services with the diverse needs of communities, referencing CPD’s work more than 100 times.
  • Major reports from the ACCC and Productivity Commission inquiries echoed our advocacy for a truly universal early childhood system, and paid parental leave extensions plus the announcement of super being paid on parental leave were further wins for children and families.
  • Our longstanding work on sustainable finance and industry policy saw significant results, with announcements like the Capacity Investment Scheme, a new mandatory climate disclosure regime and the Future Made in Australia Act all reflecting our recommendations for a more resilient, sustainable economy.
  • Internationally, our role as an official partner of Indonesia during its ASEAN chairmanship allowed us to influence regional strategies on sustainable finance and renewable energy, notably through the ASEAN joint statement on climate change.
  • The Australian Government imposed new targeted sanctions against the Myanmar regime and established an Australian Government Refugee Advisory Panel, strengthening measures to address the humanitarian crisis in the region.

I am greatly encouraged by the positive change we have helped implement and cannot wait to see what will come to fruition over the next twelve months. 

Thank you for your continued support,

Andrew Hudson, CEO 

Centre for Policy Development

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July 2023
Measuring What Matters

CPD engaged closely with Treasury, helping to deepen their thinking and raise their ambition on an enduring framework for Australian wellbeing.

July 2023
Making our way cover

The Making our way report shows how to build and use adaptive capacity in local economies exposed to climate transition. 

July 2023

CPD convened an event for the ASEAN energy business forum on Investing in Energy Transition in Indonesia: Bridging the gap between Policy and Practice with participation from Ncable, Quantum Power Asia, Indonesian state power generator PLN, the Indonesian Ministries of Investment, Finance, and Energy and Mineral Resources.

August 2023
September 2023
Green gold report cover DL

This work responded to Commonwealth ambition for Australia to be a renewable export superpower. Drawing on the July meeting of the 2035 Climate Initiative, this report shows decision-makers how to deploy public capital for long-term. success in the post-carbon industrial economy.

September 2023

The milestone White Paper on Employment from Treasury adopted key CPD recommendations in its findings, identifying climate change, early childhood and employment services as critical elements of the future of Australian work.

October 2023

The final report drew on CPD's work to recommend government immediately "Legislate to establish and invest in universal, high-quality and affordable early childhood education and care".

October 2023

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) released its second interim report, backing CPD's position on early childhood education affordability measures.

November 2023
Early Childhood development council header - a high shot of children playing around a desk in a classroom

The recommendation for an entitlement to 30 hours of care a week for all families was an important step towards a truly universal system.

November 2023
Proposed governance structure diagram for rebuilding employment services

The final report of the Workforce Australia inquiry backed CPD researching recommending a more active, local approach to employment services.

November 2023

This was an important first step in bringing the Future Fund into line with best practice on climate risk - a key recommendation of the Investing for Australia report.

November 2023
Directors duties and climate risk roundtable header - close shot of people's hands around a desk

The Federal Climate Action in Government Operations initiative will report the carbon footprint of public authorities for the first time, in line with CPD advice to Treasury.

November 2023

Energy Minister Chris Bowen announced a major expansion of the Capacity Investment Scheme which will accelerate domestic energy system decarbonisation by boosting renewable generation capacity. Achieving this was a core recommendation of the Green gold report. 

December 2023

After strategic research and advocacy from CPD and partners across the sector, the draft Early Years Strategy embraced "a bold vision... to improve wellbeing outcomes for all children in Australia."

January 2024

The culmination of 8 years of polling data, CPD's Purpose of Government Pulse report showed Australians see wellbeing as a top priority for policymakers.

January 2024

The Treasurer published details of the Government’s mandatory climate risk disclosure regime, which will require companies to publicly disclose their exposure to climate risks. Importantly, this includes non-listed companies, mirroring CPD's long-standing recommendations.

March 2024

CPD's work helped influence the design of the $200 million Australia-Indonesia Climate and Infrastructure Partnership and the announcement of a $2 billion green South East Asia Investment Fund at the ASEAN Summit in Melbourne.

March 2024

The Commonwealth Government announced it would begin paying super on Commonwealth Parental Leave Pay from 1 July 2025. CPD has long supported this idea as a way not just to support parents, but support children, families and the economy.

April 2024

Under Sam Mostyn’s leadership CPD became a potent force for bold, practical and collaborative reform throughout Australia and across our region. While we'll miss her guidance, we are extremely proud of Sam, who will be a formidable leader for our nation.

April 2024
Green gold report header image: An iron-ore rich West Australian landscape photographed from the air - red soil, green trees and ocean

The proposed Future Made in Australia Act, a watershed moment for Australian industry policy, followed a year’s worth of CPD engagement with government. Decisions to strategically back key industries such as green hydrogen, green steel and high purity ammonia in a coordinated way are recommendations from both our Green Gold and Setting Direction reports.

May 2024

The May Federal Budget carved out allowances for early childhood educators to receive a much-needed pay increase. This is a critical step in addressing workforce shortages and strengthening the foundation for universally accessible early childhood education and care (ECEC) – something CPD has long advocated for. 

Better responding to the needs of individuals and communities

CPD has made significant strides towards a future where government services recognise and address the unique needs of individuals and communities in a way that truly supports their wellbeing.

In November 2023 an inquiry into Australia’s failed employment system agreed with our recommendations to overhaul the system with the ground-up, local-first model we proposed. The final report from the Inquiry into Workforce Australia included 100 references to CPD’s work, and adopted 15 of our key reforms in its final set of 75 recommendations

CPD’s detailed recommendations were also reflected in the government’s Employment White Paper, which set out a vision for a more inclusive skills and labour market that provides better opportunities for more Australians. This included tailoring community services and enhancing collaboration across local, state, and federal levels to better support individual communities.

And our work helping to set up the Western Melbourne Jobs and Skills Collaboration started to pay dividends with $200 million in government investment committed to trial a regional employment model.

A clean, innovative and productive Australian economy

Our work developing policy for an environmentally and socially sustainable economy has made waves this past year.

For the first time in Australia, companies will be required to publicly disclose their carbon footprint, mirroring CPD’s long-standing work on climate and corporate governance which can be traced back to 2016. Integrally, this includes mandated reporting from non-listed companies as well as listed companies.

In a further win for transparency and accountability, the government announced it would disclose its own carbon footprint for the first time. It also mandated that its sovereign wealth fund the Future Fund disclose its holdings, aligning the fund with what is now required of super funds.

Our Green gold report provided detailed and practical insight into how to leverage Australia’s unique green industry advantages. The expansion of the government’s Capacity Investment Scheme and their support for processing high purity alumina onshore reflect key recommendations from this report.

Additionally, the government’s proposed Future Made in Australia Act follows a year’s worth of CPD engagement with government, and reflects key recommendations from both our Green gold and Setting direction reports.

Your role in solving our toughest policy challenges

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A better tomorrow for children and families

CPD has led the charge in pushing for bold, ambitious reforms to Australia’s early childhood development system that promise to enhance the lives of all children and families. 

Our proposed reforms were reflected in the ACCC’s final report into early learning and care, including changes to how services are funded, better price regulation to help bring costs down for families and introducing government run services in underserved communities, particularly rural and remote areas.

The Productivity Commission adopted key CPD recommendations including implementing a child-focused, universal approach that would provide a guaranteed entitlement for all families to access 3 days of child care every week, a 100% childcare subsidy for families earning less than $80,000 per year, and a relaxation of the activity test.

The government also announced it will pay superannuation on paid parental leave and extend leave entitlements to 26 weeks, a move CPD heavily supported

Measuring attitudes to government and democracy

An active, effective government brings people and public institutions closer together, strengthens community connectedness, creates opportunity, and builds capability across the nation.

Since 2015, CPD has been measuring public attitudes to key questions around the purpose of government and democracy in Australia, and the performance of Australian governments in fulfilling these purposes.

In January we released our inaugural Purpose of Government Pulse, which was the first time these results have been released and analysed together. The data revealed a country with a steadfast belief in fair and equal treatment for all, that sees the government’s primary role as ensuring a decent standard of living and improving the overall wellbeing of the nation.

These findings serve as a pulse check of citizen attitudes, guiding our elected leaders to make decisions with living standards, wellbeing and future generations at the heart.

Shaping a compassionate and sustainable future in the Indo-Pacific

Our efforts promoting more effective regional coordination on protection of refugees have had a significant impact this year.

We saw the establishment of Australia’s first official Refugee Advisory Panel, a longstanding CPD recommendation to involve refugees in international dialogues and policy-making. 

The Australian Government imposed new targeted sanctions against the Myanmar regime, which we worked behind the scenes to strongly advocate for.

We provided briefings to the UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Myanmar, and his final report referenced CPD’s advocacy for greater involvement from Australia and Indonesia in the Bali Process framework.

As an international institutional partner during Indonesia’s ASEAN Chairmanship, we played a crucial role embedding sustainable finance and renewable energy strategies in the ASEAN joint statement on climate change and contributed to the development of the ASEAN Long-Term Renewable Energy Roadmap.

And the Australian Government announced a $2 billion investment package for energy transition and infrastructure for ASEAN nations, following sustained Australia-Indonesia engagement facilitated by CPD.

Putting wellbeing at the heart of policy

We’re working towards placing the wellbeing of current and future generations at the forefront of government decision making, and this last year saw significant impact. 

In July last year Australia launched its first national wellbeing framework Measuring What Matters, providing a dashboard of indicators to better measure Australia’s progress, and to inform budget and policy decisions, drawing on a year’s worth of CPD recommendations

In March, the NSW Government announced it would introduce a Performance and Wellbeing Framework as part of its upcoming budget. CPD’s active engagement with NSW Treasury and our high-level wellbeing roundtables and wellbeing policymakers network have brought attention to the importance of taking a wellbeing approach and the steps needed to do this effectively.

Also in March, CPD was involved in the re-establishment of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance Australia Hub, and has since made strong connections with policymakers and thought leaders in Australia. We also published a series of briefings for experts and policymakers globally to clarify ideas and approaches to wellbeing government.

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