Centre for Policy Development impact in 2023

What we've achieved in 2023

As the year draws to a close I wanted to share a few of the ways CPD has shaped the policy landscape in Australia and the region for the better, and how we’ll build on this in 2024.

Key 2023 impacts included:

  • Giving Children the Best Start: Expanded paid parental leave and federal funding for early education and care in line with the Guarantee for Young Children and Families. Further CPD recommendations endorsed by the Productivity Commission and ACCC in their reform proposals for early childhood.
  • Supporting Communities on the Path to Net Zero: New mandatory climate disclosure rules and a purpose-built Net Zero Authority to design a prosperous, post-carbon economy that’s inclusive, sustainable and resilient.
  • Putting People First: Adoption of place-based approaches in the Federal Budget and Parliamentary inquiry into Workforce Australia. Treasury releases the first Australian wellbeing framework drawing heavily on CPD’s work. A CPD-led speaking tour by a singular global leader in wellbeing government.
  • Building a More Peaceful and Prosperous Indo-Pacific: Australia and Indonesia activate Bali Process emergency measures to enable regional response to Rohingya migration after CPD advocacy. Strong partnerships between Indonesia and CPD to advise ASEAN on energy transition building on last year’s G20

I am immensely proud of our team’s impact over the last 12 months, and look forward to guiding Australia and the region toward a fair, sustainable and inclusive future when we return in 2024.

Thank you again for your continued support,

Andrew Hudson, CEO 

Centre for Policy Development

February 2023
February 2023

Following coordinated advocacy and policy work by the Centre for Policy Development, UN agencies and member countries, the co-Chairs of the Bali Process activate emergency measures to support a coordinated response to the Rohingya crisis at the Ministerial Meeting in Adelaide

March 2023

The final report said "The committee was frequently pointed to the CPD's Starting Better report, which proposed a guarantee for young children and their families. The guarantee is 'based on evidence of what has the greatest impact' and 'connects all parts of the [early childhood  development] system from the day a child is born until the early years of primary school'. 

April 2023
April 2023
Economic Inclusion Advisory Committee

The report recommended place-based services and local jobs deals in line with CPD's recommendations.

It also backed holistic, ambitious early childhood reform.

May 2023

Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration meets in Jakarta convening 30 leaders from eight countries to improve the regional response to the Rohingya refugee crisis

May 2023
Budget embeds place-based early childhood measures
Starting better header image - a child holding out a painted hand

The federal budget established the Investment Dialogue for Australia's Children to build partnerships between government and philanthropy on place-based responses to disadvantage

June 2023
ASEAN chair 2023 side event on energy transition group photo in front of backlit wall

CPD hosts a high-level dialogue as part of the Indonesia-chaired ASEAN 2023 program. Notable participants included Professor Jeffrey Sachs and Professor John Thwaites as well as representatives from the Indonesian Ministries of Finance, Energy and Mineral Resources

July 2023
Measuring What Matters

CPD engaged closely with Treasury, helping to deepen their thinking and raise their ambition on an enduring framework for Australian wellbeing

July 2023
Making our way cover

The Making our way report shows how to build and use adaptive capacity in local economies exposed to climate transition 

July 2023

CPD convened an event for the ASEAN energy business forum on Investing in Energy Transition in Indonesia: Bridging the gap between Policy and Practice with participation from Ncable, Quantum Power Asia, Indonesian state power generator PLN, the Indonesian Ministries of Investment, Finance, and Energy and Mineral Resources

August 2023
Setpember 2023
Green gold report cover DL

This work responded to Commonwealth ambition for Australia to be a renewable export superpower. Drawing on the July meeting of the  2035 Climate Initiative, this report shows decision-makers how to deploy public capital for long-term success in the post-carbon industrial economy.

September 2023

The milestone White Paper on Employment from Treasury adopted key CPD recommendations in its findings, identifying climate change, early childhood and employment services as critical elements of the future of Australian work

October 2023

The final report drew on CPD's work to recommend government immediately "Legislate to establish and invest in universal, high-quality and affordable early childhood education and care"

October 2023

 The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) released its second interim report, backing CPD's position on early childhood education affordability measures.

November 2023
Early Childhood development council header - a high shot of children playing around a desk in a classroom

The recommendation for an entitlement to 30 hours of care a week for all families was an important step towards a truly universal system

November 2023
Proposed governance structure diagram for rebuilding employment services

The final report of the Workforce Australia inquiry backed CPD researching recommending a more active, local approach to employment services

November 2023

This was an important first step in bringing the Future Fund into line with best practice on climate risk - a key recommendation of the Investing for Australia report

November 2023
Directors duties and climate risk roundtable header - close shot of people's hands around a desk

The Federal Climate Action in Government Operations initiative will report the carbon footprint of public authorities for the first time, in line with CPD advice to Treasury

November 2023

Energy Minister Chris Bowen announced a major expansion of the Capacity Investment Scheme which will accelerate domestic energy system decarbonisation by boosting renewable generation capacity. Achieving this was a core recommendation of the Green gold report 

December 2023

After strategic research and advocacy from CPD and partners across the sector, the draft Early Years Strategy embraced "a bold vision... to improve wellbeing outcomes for all children in Australia."

An economy that is clean, sustainable and productive

In 2023, CPD had a significant hand in guiding the government toward a just, effective and sustainable energy transition.

The establishment of a Net Zero Transition Authority to oversee Australia’s energy shift, support affected communities, and encourage clean energy and zero-emission investments was a key development and something long recommended by CPD.

The release of our Making our way report supplied policymakers with a framework for using adaptive capacity to build ground-up, locally-led responses to climate transition in affected communities.

The introduction of mandatory climate disclosure rules for major Australian companies and public authorities built on years of CPD’s work charting an effective response to climate change and clear paths to net zero.

In November the federal government announced a government-wide Climate Action in Government Operations initiative to address the carbon footprint of public authorities in line with CPD advice.

Energy Minister Chris Bowen also announced an expansion of the Capacity Investment Scheme to fast-track renewable energy generation, a key recommendation of CPD’s Green gold report.

We are hopeful the new year will see Australia make targeted high-impact public investments that catalyse private capital deployment in zero-carbon industries that can support the next century of national prosperity.

Making Australia the best place to be a child and raise a family

This year we passed key milestones in the journey to a high-quality, universal early childhood system, with the Prime Minister personally committing to expanding our social deal so all children and families can rely on Australia for the start to life they deserve.

Development of a national Early Years Strategy began in February with the Early Years Summit. The draft strategy released last week shows the clear influence of CPD and its partners in its holistic, ambitious and connected approach.

More than 40 organisations united to sign a public letter backing the Guarantee Young Children and Families as it is outlined in the Starting better and Starting now reports.

The Productivity Commission inquiry into early childhood education and care endorsed our recommendations for universal affordable care, better wages, and alternative funding models in their Draft Report.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) interim report echoed our affordability proposals for more effective price caps and direct subsidies.

The Commissioners of both the Productivity Commission and ACCC participated in CPD’s Early Childhood Development Council meeting in August collaborating with stakeholders from government, NGOs, early childhood and academia.

In November a broad alliance of stakeholders gathered at Parliament House in Canberra, calling on lawmakers to legislate the Starting better Guarantee for Young Children and Families

We look forward to continuing this work in 2024 towards a truly universal system so every child in Australia gets the best possible start in life.

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Putting people and communities at the heart of government

CPD has designed and tested better ways for government to be an active partner in local communities, delivering what people need to build capability and resilience.

In 2023 lawmakers agreed to reform Australia’s failed employment system with a major report agreeing with the ground-up, local-first model we proposed and refined. The Inquiry into Workforce Australia’s included 100 references to CPD’s work and 75 recommendations for reform that were significantly influenced by CPD’s contributions.

In partnership with the Brotherhood of St Laurence, CPD strengthened the Western Melbourne Jobs and Skills Collaboration, connecting local people to local opportunities to combat unemployment. This approach was highlighted in the government’s Interim Economic Inclusion Advisory Committee’s report. It influenced  the government’s 2023 budget allocating $250 million to support similar models around the country.

CPD’s detailed advice to government was also reflected in the Employment White Paper, which set critical long-term reform trajectories for employment services, early childhood and climate transition readiness as part of the nation’s path to full employment.

Building a sustainable, prosperous and peaceful Indo-Pacific

This year saw CPD drive meaningful progress and promote regional leadership and collaboration on issues around forced migration and energy transition in the Indo-Pacific.

In February, Adelaide hosted the first Bali Process Ministerial meeting since 2018, where emergency measures were activated to support Rohingya refugees undertaking dangerous sea voyages. CPD’s Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration was key in this decision and its execution, having briefed key officials calling for a coordinated regional response to a worrying increase in refugees fleeing violence and persecution in Myanmar.

CPD also partnered with Indonesia during its ASEAN chairmanship, hosting a number of events to discuss the path towards a just and sustainable energy transition in Southeast Asia. The ASEAN leader’s declaration, focusing on sustainable finance and renewable energy, aligned with CPD’s recommendations, as did the Australian government’s additional initiatives under the $200 million Australia-Indonesia Climate & Infrastructure Partnership, including support for vulnerable groups in the clean energy transition.

Significantly, the Australian government established the Australian Refugee Advisory Panel in September, a longstanding CPD recommendation to involve refugees in international dialogues and policy-making.

Advancing the wellbeing of people, communities and the environment

Big strides were made towards a  wellbeing government in 2023, and CPD was at the centre of the action, advocating for the long-term needs of people and planet to sit at the heart of government decision making.

CPD’s 2023 John Menadue Oration was delivered by Sophie Howe, Wales’ inaugural Future Generations Commissioner. Ms Howe’s singular global leadership in this unique role fanned ambition and furnished a toolkit for Australia’s own wellbeing approach. In addition to hosting the Oration, CPD facilitated detailed discussions between Ms Howe and key leaders in government and the private sector, including Treasury Secretary Stephen Kennedy, state and federal cabinet ministers and ASX board chairs.

CPD’s work on wellbeing budgeting, building on Redefining progress, provided clear advice for Treasurer Jim Chalmers’ May budget, which featured a wellbeing chapter referencing CPD’s work. 

In July, the Australian government introduced the nation’s first wellbeing framework, Measuring what matters. This framework marks a vital upgrade to Australia’s economic toolkit, placing the wellbeing of current and future generations at the centre of policy decisions. CPD’s Wellbeing Government Initiative worked very closely with the government in the establishment of this framework.

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