Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration

Pursuing more effective, durable and dignified approaches to forced migration in the Indo-Pacific

The Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration (ADFM) builds collaborative solutions to forced migration in the Indo-Pacific.

It unites government and non-government decision makers from nine countries, along with representatives from UNHCR, International Organization for Migration, and non-government agencies.

The Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration is a forum to discuss policy and operational options for states and parties grappling with complex forced migration issues in the Indo-Pacific region. 

Led by a regional Secretariat and convened by the Centre for Policy Development in partnership with policy institutes in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, the Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration is recognised as a leading expert group, trusted by the Bali Process and ASEAN for independent and credible advice.

The ADFM has played a critical role in promoting more effective, humane responses to regional migration crises and creating safer pathways for those fleeing violence and persecution through its discussions and policy development, working in conjunction with those with lived experience of displacement.

Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration experts

Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration recent work

The Twelfth Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration meeting (ADFM) was delighted to convene its twelfth meeting in Jakarta on 16-17 May: the first to be held in person in more
The Centre for Policy Development’s submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Migration’s inquiry into Australia’s migration system makes recommendations to strengthen the role that migration plays in nation building,
Future Ready is a report from the Secretariat of the Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration that sets out an eight-step plan to strengthen and clarify the Bali Process so countries

Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration in the media

The Secretariat of the Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration (ADFM) welcomes the leadership and cooperation shown by the Bali Process Co-Chairs in their decision at the 8th Bali Process Ministerial Meeting in Adelaide to trigger the Bali Process Consultation Mechanism. 
CEO of the Centre for Policy Development Andrew Hudson, who heads an advisory panel to the Bali Process, told the ABC that Bali Process nations had to take rapid action to tackle the crisis.
Australia and Indonesia have been urged to co-ordinate an immediate response to an alarming rise in Rohingya deaths at sea
It’s two years since Myanmar’s military seized power in the country. Refugees from the heavily persecuted Rohingya minority are once again on the move, attempting dangerous sea journeys in large numbers during 2022.
When there was a refugee crisis to the country’s north in the past, most of the time Australian governments saw it as their problem.
Australia and Indonesia must ­urgently overhaul the Bali Process, a forum set up to tackle human trafficking and people-smuggling that has stagnated as crises in Sri Lanka, ­Afghanistan and Myanmar threaten to spill over into the region.

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