Ruddy Gobel

Expertise: Public policy, economics

Dr. Ruddy Gobel has a rich 26-year professional history, including 18 years in senior management, spanning the public sector and corporate institutions.

Ruddy has previously served as an Expert Staff Member to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of Indonesia, as a Coordinator for the Subsidy Reform Initiative at the Secretariat of the National Team for the Acceleration of Poverty Reduction under the Vice President’s Office of the Republic of Indonesia, and as a Senior Manager in the Office of the Director at the Aceh-Nias Post Tsunami Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Agency. Additionally, he has served as an Adviser at United Nations agencies, including UNAIDS and UNDP.

Ruddy has also held several key corporate positions, including Senior Adviser at both the Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and the Indonesia Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency, as well as Vice Presidential roles in prominent Indonesian infrastructure and oil and gas companies.

Ruddy has extensive consultancy expertise in Indonesia’s public and business policy, particularly in orchestrating public-private infrastructure partnerships and crafting strategies for both private entities and government institutions. He has made significant contributions to public policy in Indonesia, notably in energy subsidy reforms, renewable energy initiatives, and social protection, with his role spanning policy formation, advocacy, and aiding in policy execution.

Ruddy holds adjunct teaching positions at the University of Indonesia and the School of Business and Management at the Bandung Institute of Technology, and has also played a role in developing a Corporate University for a ministry in Indonesia.

Ruddy holds a master’s degree in economics and a Ph.D. in Strategic Policy from the University of Indonesia.


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In the media

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