Solving the toughest policy challenges facing Australia and the region

The Centre for Policy Development is an independent, non-partisan public policy institute with staff in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Jakarta, and a network of experts across the Indo-Pacific region.

We confront the toughest policy challenges facing Australia and the region, and take people on the journey of solving them through a unique collaborative method that creates enduring systemic change.

Centre for Policy Development work

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We prepare rigorous, cross-disciplinary, evidence based research that outlines practical policy proposals and ideas for system change

We engage with government through carefully crafted submissions to consultation processes, addressing necessary, practical steps for reform

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We connect decision makers across government, business, academia, NGOs and civil society to stress test policy ideas and guide their effective implementation

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Centre for Policy Development media

The employment white paper says out loud what some people in some parts of our country know all too well. We are yet to deliver the benefits of national prosperity to the people who need it most.
A report calls on the federal government to focus on
The Mandarin |
29 September 2023
Job seekers will be able to work for longer while
The Guardian |
25 September 2023
Clean energy hubs could save money and create jobs if
25 September 2023

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