Sustainable Economy Program

A clean, innovative, productive economy that supports sustainable, shared prosperity

The Sustainable Economy Program creates policy and builds partnerships for an environmentally and socially sustainable economy that is clean, innovative and productive.

Australia has a tremendous opportunity to leverage its abundant natural resources, wealth and creativity to provide a secure future for all Australians.

The Centre for Policy Development’s Sustainable Economy program makes this opportunity a reality by:

  • promoting climate leadership at all levels
  • advocating for reforms to core economic infrastructure
  • promoting the ability for industry policy to guide and drive climate action 
  • ensuring reforms support the long term prosperity of the communities most affected by climate change


The Sustainable Economy Program’s work includes research on directors duties and climate risk, the 2035 Climate Initiative and the Australia-Indonesia Energy Transition Policy Dialogue.

Sustainable Economy Program highlights

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The Green gold report advises public investments into industries that support living standards and lay the foundation for prosperity in the post-carbon economy

The Making our way report examines the regional economies most affected by climate transition, and develops a multi dimensional, analytical framework that assesses their ability to adapt to change

The Who’s buying report models the impact of global decarbonisation commitments on employment and output at a Local Government Area (LGA) level in Australia

Sustainable Economy Program experts

Sustainable Economy Program recent work

The Capital for kilowatts discussion paper suggests that investments in renewable energy can unshackle the economy from volatile fossil fuel prices, replace ageing infrastructure and avoid major inflationary effects.
CPD made a submission to Treasury providing feedback and recommendations on their exposure draft of climate disclosure legislation, advising that the legislation should apply to a wide range of companies
Australia's Sustainable Finance Strategy is a submission by the Centre for Policy Development to the Treasury's consultation paper on this topic.

Sustainable Economy Program in the media

The employment white paper says out loud what some people in some parts of our country know all too well. We are yet to deliver the benefits of national prosperity to the people who need it most.
A report calls on the federal government to focus on kickstarting key ‘green export’ industries over the next few decades to re-invest major returns in Australia’s national interest.
Job seekers will be able to work for longer while retaining social security concessions, and changes to allow pensioners to work more before payments are reduced will become permanent, under two major welfare law reforms.
Clean energy hubs could save money and create jobs if clusters of businesses shared transmission lines and green hydrogen pipelines, independent research shows.
Calls are growing to supercharge investment in green exports to counter the influence of the Biden administration’s Inflation Reduction Act, starting with $100 billion for green aluminium and ammonia, and onshore processing of iron ore.
Australia can use its potential as a renewable energy superpower to drive production of ‘green’ iron, aluminium and ammonia for export, but will need $60 billion to $100 billion in public investment over 20 years to get these new industries started.

Sustainable Economy Program related initiatives

Bringing leaders together accelerate climate ambition and action
Aligning corporate Australia with a sustainable economic future
Building a just energy transition in the Indo-Pacific

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