Sustainable Economy Program

A clean, innovative, productive economy that supports sustainable, shared prosperity

The Sustainable Economy Program creates policy and builds partnerships for an environmentally and socially sustainable economy that is clean, innovative and productive.

Australia has a tremendous opportunity to leverage its abundant natural resources, wealth and creativity to provide a secure future for all Australians.

The Centre for Policy Development’s Sustainable Economy program makes this opportunity a reality by:

  • promoting climate leadership at all levels
  • advocating for reforms to core economic infrastructure
  • promoting the ability for industry policy to guide and drive climate action 
  • ensuring reforms support the long term prosperity of the communities most affected by climate change


The Sustainable Economy Program’s work includes research on directors duties and climate risk, the 2035 Climate Initiative and the Australia-Indonesia Energy Transition Policy Dialogue.

Sustainable Economy Program highlights

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The Green gold report advises public investments into industries that support living standards and lay the foundation for prosperity in the post-carbon economy

The Making our way report examines the regional economies most affected by climate transition, and develops a multi dimensional, analytical framework that assesses their ability to adapt to change

The Who’s buying report models the impact of global decarbonisation commitments on employment and output at a Local Government Area (LGA) level in Australia

Sustainable Economy Program experts

Sustainable Economy Program recent work

The Green Goods report lays out a practical pathway for governments to work together on decarbonising the goods and services they buy.
More than 30 state and federal government officials, investors, and leaders representing businesses and workers met for the fifth 2035 Climate Initiative roundtable on Wednesday 27th of March.
The Setting Direction report lays out a practical framework that Australia’s federal government could use in deploying its industry policy to invest in a sustainable and prosperous economy for tomorrow.

Sustainable Economy Program in the media

Climate, worker and innovation experts have embraced the Prime Minister’s seismic shift on industrial policy that will see coordinated government intervention to help Australia compete in the global clean energy and manufacturing race.
New and existing subsidies and incentives designed to bolster domestic manufacturing will be brought under the umbrella of a “Future Made in Australia Act”, as the government seeks to boost its economic and national security credentials.
For most economists, the idea of a “planned economy” is laughable. Policy experts, in particular, are now happy to challenge the Cold War binary that a country is either “free” or trying to recreate Stalin’s five-year plan.
Australia must implement “directional” industry policy that utilises clear goals, a diverse mix of policy and strong governance to take full advantage of structural changes like decarbonisation and emerging technologies.
Australia has been warned it will miss out on future prosperity under its existing industry policy and cannot match the US or China.
How you get your power today…will be vastly different to the future and there are some who believe the renewable transition will impact inflation, in part because of the huge amounts of investment needed.

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