2035 Climate Initiative

Bringing leaders together to accelerate climate ambition and action

The 2035 Climate Initiative identifies opportunities to align Australia’s long-term economic prosperity with a swift, just and orderly climate transition.

It brings together leaders from government, business and civil society to identify the best ideas for aligning Australia’s economic recovery with a transition towards a net zero emissions economy, and get them into the right hands.

The initiative was established to look beyond the horizon of the next decade, and to develop the practical steps we need to make now to ensure that we meet and exceed our climate goals for 2035 and beyond.

The 2035 Climate Initiative (formerly the Climate & Recovery Initiative) is convened by the Centre for Policy Development in partnership with the Climateworks Centre, and overseen by a steering group that includes the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group), the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and Pollination.

2035 Climate Initiative experts

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2035 Climate Initiative recent work

More than 30 state and federal government officials, investors, and leaders representing businesses and workers met for the fifth 2035 Climate Initiative roundtable on Wednesday 27th of March.
Around 40 state and federal government officials, investors, and leaders representing businesses and workers in the real economy met for the fourth 2035 Climate Initiative roundtable on Wednesday 1st November.
The Green Gold report advises public investments to lay the foundation for prosperity in the post-carbon economy.

2035 Climate Initiative in the media

A report calls on the federal government to focus on kickstarting key ‘green export’ industries over the next few decades to re-invest major returns in Australia’s national interest.
Clean energy hubs could save money and create jobs if clusters of businesses shared transmission lines and green hydrogen pipelines, independent research shows.
Calls are growing to supercharge investment in green exports to counter the influence of the Biden administration’s Inflation Reduction Act, starting with $100 billion for green aluminium and ammonia, and onshore processing of iron ore.
Australia can use its potential as a renewable energy superpower to drive production of ‘green’ iron, aluminium and ammonia for export, but will need $60 billion to $100 billion in public investment over 20 years to get these new industries started.
Australia should target $60-100 billion of public investment in green exports over the next two decades to three key sectors to lock in new industries, support living standards and mitigate global climate change.
Investors are demanding greater certainty about the path to 2050 net zero emissions

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