Warwick Smith

Expertise: Economics, ecology, public policy

Warwick Smith is an economist, ecologist, writer and policy analyst. He has worked across many areas of economic research including labour, environmental, gender, development and taxation economics.

Warwick is also an honorary fellow at the University of Melbourne’s School of Social and Political Sciences and co-founder and economist at the Castlemaine Institute. He has previously worked at Per Capita Australia, the University of Melbourne and for state and territory governments.

Warwick lives with his family in Castlemaine in central Victoria and has a strong interest in regional development and industry policy.


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One thing you probably won't be hearing about on Budget night is the idea of 'wellbeing', that's despite the Government unveiling its 'Measuring What Matters Framework' in July last year with the intention to use data on Australia's wellbeing to
Treasurer Jim Chalmers released the government’s new national wellbeing framework on Friday. The Measuring What Matters framework includes 50 indicators to improve the way bureaucrats monitor how the nation is tracking against social and economic outcomes.
Today’s release of the Commonwealth Treasury’s Measuring What Matters statement is an important step towards better government decision-making and a shared vision for the Australia we want, but it’s only the first step.
Australia's first-ever 'wellbeing budget' was released today, showing we are living longer than ever, but the report is copping criticism as the data is a few years old. So, what's even the point of it?
Last night, treasurer Jim Chalmers cautiously set Australia on its wellbeing economy journey. This government’s first Budget sat against a backdrop of inflationary pressures, global conflict, gloomy outlooks, floods and cost of living pressures.
It was billed as Australia’s first wellbeing budget. But, five months into a new government, with so many economic fires to fight, Treasurer Jim Chalmers’ first budget was never going to be that.