Fifth Wellbeing Government Roundtable



On 22 May, CPD’s fifth Wellbeing Government Roundtable brought together a group of senior government officials from multiple departments across six jurisdictions. After a brief presentation on CPD’s latest research on embedding wellbeing approaches into government, the roundtable heard about recent developments in the ACT government’s wellbeing framework, the Commonwealth Treasury’s future plans for Measuring What Matters, the Performance and Wellbeing Budgeting Framework in NSW and the future of wellbeing work in South Australia.. 

Having a wellbeing-informed approach requires looking at the entire ecosystem of policy tools, a quality evidence base, and the ability to partner across jurisdictional and departmental boundaries. The group reflected on the importance of data – its challenges and rewards – and how data sharing across jurisdictions is essential for better informed policy. 

Meeting Pack from the fifth Wellbeing Government Roundtable

We can expect Measuring What Matters to be enriched after the ABS received $15 million per year in the federal budget for the expansion of the ABS’ General Social Survey and further capacity for the disaggregation of MWM data. Agencies and policy makers are being encouraged to think more granularly about MWM, beyond the high-level dashboard. The group also discussed the essential role of central agencies in enabling cultural change throughout government and line agencies. 

The call to action presented to the group was to take time to step back – to understand how a problem is being defined and framed, which will shape the remit and the solutions presented, including opportunities to work across government portfolios and jurisdictions.

About the Wellbeing Government Initiative

The Centre for Policy Development’s Wellbeing Initiative works on approaches to the economy that meet the needs of people, communities and the environment they depend on.

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