Dunlop, writing for the SMH, considers the perils, promise of a low-carbon Australia | 7 April 2015


Ian Dunlop, a contributing author to CPD’s publication More Than Luck: Ideas Australia, has recently considered Australia’s promise and lethargy as it faces the potential of transitioning to a low-carbon economy in response to climate change.

Dunlop, in The Sydney Morning Herald piece, expresses wariness about the Australian government’s approach to a low-carbon economy: ‘Sensible climate policy has been dismantled … Climate change does not feature in the policy reviews underway … Every encouragement is given to new high-carbon investment.’

Similar circumspection is levelled against the business sector. ‘Even corporations and investment managers who profess leadership are unable to think much beyond incremental change from “business-as-usual”.’

But despite such concerns, he still considers grounds for optimism – noting the long-term policy requirements necessary for success.

‘Australia is well-placed to prosper in this new world with top quality renewable resources, and the expertise to develop them.’

‘But this requires policies which encourage science, innovation and rapid action, diametrically the opposite of the government’s ideological anti-science agenda that has decimated science funding at a time when it has never been more important.’

Dunlop finishes with some observations about who he considers better placed to effect change. ‘These changes will require unprecedented co-operation, and statesmanship of the highest order. It is too much to expect the male-dominated, eminence-grise of the incumbency to rise to the occasion, but women might.’