Woman in a green shirt with a neckscarf - Carolyn Holbrook

Carolyn Holbrook

Expertise: Australian culture, politics, public policy, history

Carolyn writes about Australian cultural, political, and policy history—and has a particular enthusiasm for the ways that history can inform and improve contemporary society. Carolyn is an ARC DECRA fellow, and is currently researching a history of how Australians have regarded their federation since 1901. Previously, she has written about how we remember the First World War in Anzac: The Unauthorised Biography (New South, 2014) and The Great War: Aftermath and Commemoration (UNSW Press, 2019), the latter edited with Keir Reeves. With James Walter, Carolyn is writing a history of political decision-making in Australia, and with colleagues at Deakin and Warwick University she is researching the history of public health care, including Medicare, in Australia. Outside work, Carolyn enjoys cooking, pottering in the veggie patch, cycling (both outdoors and on the indoor trainer), and wheat beer.


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