Chris Bonnor AM

Chris Bonnor AM is a retired secondary school principal and a previous head of the NSW Secondary Principals’ Council. Chris was co-author with Jane Caro of two books published by UNSW Press, The Stupid Country: How Australia is dismantling public education and What makes a good school. He is a contributing author to CPD book’s More Than Luck: Ideas Australia Needs Now in 2010 and Pushing our luck: ideas for Australian progress in 2013. Chris is a regular writer and commentator on education issues, and has published several reports with CPD, including Uneven playing field: the state of Australia’s schools and four titles in the In a class of their own series.

C. Ho, G. Richards and C. Bonnor
A Creeping Indigenous Separation (February 2018), available

B. Shepherd and C. Bonnor
Losing the Game: State of our schools in 2017 (June 2017), available

B. Shepherd and C. Bonnor
Uneven playing field: the state of Australia’s schools (June 2016), available


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