Man with a beard and glasses wearing checked shirt smiling - David Wilden

David Wilden

Expertise: Migration, Refugee and humanitarian policy and programs, Public sector governance and reform

David Wilden served for over 20 years in a range of senior executive positions in the Australian Public Service.  From 2014 to his retirement in late 2022 he led Divisions covering Immigration and Citizenship Policy and International Policy.  Most recently he was First Assistant Secretary of the Refugee, Humanitarian and Settlement Division.

In addition to his experience domestically and internationally in policy and program management, during his career he has worked directly on major public sector reforms including the creation of Centrelink and reforms to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship of the mid-2000s.   He has a deep commitment to the value of public policy and in particular immigration and humanitarian programs.

David currently serves on several Boards and advisory councils.  He has a Graduate Certificate in Public Administration and a Masters of Business Administration.


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