Sam Hurley (Policy Director)

Sam Hurley is the Policy Director in CPD’s Sustainable Economy Program. He leads CPD’s work on the implications of climate change for company directors, regulators and investors. He has also conducted CPD research on tax reform, sustainable agriculture and public sector capability.

Prior to CPD, Sam worked for six years as an economist and policy analyst at the Commonwealth Treasury, with shorter stints at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Australian National University’s Crawford School of Public Policy. His work in Canberra focused on understanding economic trends and conditions in major economies like the United States and China, and the impacts of microeconomic policy settings on Australia’s economy. Sam holds degrees in commerce and law and completed a Masters of International Affairs at the Australian National University.

CPD report, 2015:
Grand Alibis

CPD discussion paper, 2015:
From vicious to virtuous cycles

CPD report, 2015:
Budgeting smarter, not harder

Consultation paper for Myanmar Development Resource Institute’s Centre for Economic and Social Development and ANU Crawford School, 2015:
Myanmar Trade and Investment Strategy

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