Smiling man with brown hair and a grey suit - Tom Verhelst

Tom Verhelst

Expertise: Data analytics, Artificial intelligence, Data governance, Data-driven policymaking

Dr Tom Verhelst is the Founding Director of Griffith Data Trust and currently holds the position of Director at the Relational Insights Data Lab. His role encompasses leveraging data-driven methodologies to devise solutions to enduring issues such as financial fraud, climate change, equal opportunity to services, and the construction of flourishing communities. Dr. Verhelst is an alumnus of the University of Antwerp, where he earned his PhD in organic chemistry. Furthermore, he also has an MBA degree, with a major in public policy, from Griffith University.

Dr. Verhelst brings a wealth of global industry experience in R&D to the table, primarily in the application of pioneering platform technologies for the furtherance of scientific progress and subsequent positive socioeconomic impacts.

His areas of expertise include data analytics, artificial intelligence, data governance, data-driven policymaking, and data-based policy evaluation.


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