Travers McLeod (CEO)

Travers has been CPD’s Chief Executive Officer since 2014. He leads our strategic and policy agenda, working across each of our policy programs. Travers began his career in public law, working for the State Solicitor’s Office in Western Australia and for Justice Michael Kirby in the High Court of Australia. He holds a DPhil and MPhil (Dist) in International Relations from Oxford, where he studied as a Rhodes scholar and was a Lecturer in Politics and International Relations. He worked as a Policy Adviser for the Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford, playing a lead role in their 2013 report Now for the Long Term. Travers’ first book, Rule of Law in War, was published by Oxford University Press in 2015. He remains an Associate of the Oxford Martin School and holds adjunct positions at the University of Melbourne and the University of Western Australia. Travers is married to a Kiwi. They have a young daughter. He grew up in Exmouth and Perth and remains devoted to the West Coast Eagles.

T. McLeod and D. Irvine
‘Security, Human Rights and Forced Migration: Complementary, not Contradictory’ in Lazarus and Goold, Security and Human Rights (Hart University Press, 2018, Forthcoming)

T. McLeod, Rule of Law in War:
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T. McLeod
‘Does apathy about the political system among young people point to a crisis in Australian democracy’, Meanjin, vol. 74(3), Spring 2105.

B. Douglas, C. Higgins, A. Keski-Nummi, J. McAdam and T. McLeod
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T. McLeod
Now for the Long Term: The Report of the Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations, 16 October 2013, available (lead author).

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