Sustainable Economy PhD Studentships announced

Stellar PhD students join Sustainable Economy program

Generously provided by the Digger and Shirley Martin Fund and the Hamer Family Fund, the CPD Sustainable Economy Program PhD Studentships will enable two outstanding PhD students to work part-time within CPD’s Sustainable Economy Program as part of their doctoral research.

We welcome Sue Ogilvy and Peter Ferguson to the program, wish them every success in their studies, and look forward to the results.

Peter FergusonDr Peter Ferguson – security implications of climate change

Peter is a lecturer in environmental politics and policy at the University of Melbourne. His research focuses on the political barriers to moving toward a socially just and ecologically sustainable global economy, and how to overcome these.

Peter’s current research project examines the security implications of climate change for Australia and the lessons Australian policymakers could learn for managing these risks from key allies such as the United States and Britain.

Sue Ogilvy smilingSue Ogilvy – including natural resources in agricultural accounting

To the program, Sue brings her undergraduate degree in Physics, Masters in Marketing, skills and experience from a successful career in strategic sales and marketing, knowledge from immersion in regenerative agricultural systems and experience as a social entrepreneur. Her PhD studies at ANU focus on conceptualising methods of including natural resources in the accounting of broadacre agricultural enterprises. She intends her work to assist farmers, investors, commercial lenders and companies that transform primary commodities, to successfully invest in ecological and human capital.

Under her studentship, Sue will contribute to a well-informed and collaborative search for agricultural policy measures that combine equity, efficiency and effectiveness to develop a productive and resilient natural resource base for Australians’ prosperity and well-being.