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 17 September 2017


Australia should seize rare
opportunity on schools’ funding 
21 June 2017

Read Losing the Game report in full here

We cannot let this new reform
for Australia’s
schools slip: CPD 
02 May 2017



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 Boosting humanitarian jobs delivers humanitarian win-win: new report 20 Feb 2017  APRA speech shows companies and regulators are stepping up their game on climate risks 17 Feb 2017  Bali Process countries signal preparedness for constructive action on forced migration 20 Dec 2016
Read Settling Better report in full here Read more about the speech here Read more about the ADFM here


Earlier press releases 


Electricity networks must focus on core business to maintain energy security – new CPD paper 11 December 2016 (read the paper here)

Situation in Rakhine State in Myanmar of grave concern – the region must be on high alert 29 November 2016 (read more about the ADFM here)

New legal opinion on directors’ duties and climate risks 31 October 2016 (read more here).

Terry Moran AC joins CPD as Chair 19 March 2016.

White Paper puts climate change back on the table but fighting Australia’s longest conflict has barely begun 25 February 2016.


New report finds Government is losing capability to help Australia’s most vulnerable  3 December 2015 (read the report here).

Australia can shift from vicious to virtuous cycles in agriculture – new discussion paper  12 August 2015 (read the discussion paper here).

Climate change is a national security threat to an underprepared Australia – new report  22 June 2015 (read the report here).

CPD’s report on the IGR exposes the fanciful ‘national conversation’ about Australia’s deficit and long-term prospects  15 April 2015 (read the report here).




Déjà vu: the loss of institutional memory in Canberra and implications for governance – panel discussion with Terry Moran, Laura Tingle and Fred Chaney –  December 2016, Sydney.

CPD-FBC Business Roundtable on Directors’ Duties, Climate Risk and Sustainability – October 2016, Melbourne.

Responding to North Korea: in conversation with the Hon Michael Kirby and the Hon Gareth Evans – October 2016, Melbourne.

Third Asia Dialogue on Forced MigrationSeptember 2016, Kuala Lumpur.  

Cross-continental roundtable on settlement services for refugees – with the Centre for Public Impact – August 2016, Melbourne.

The view from 2030: getting the budget right for the long term, roundtable with Peter Whiteford, Greg Smith and Janine Dixon – May 2016, Melbourne.

Democracy and disillusionment in a digital era: roundtable series with Simon Lewis, – February 2016, Sydney and Melbourne.

Second Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration – January 2016, Bangkok.


COP 21 and beyond: roundtable with Ross Garnaut, Robyn Eckersley and Fergus Green – October 2015, Melbourne.

First Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration – August 2015, Melbourne.

CPD-EY roundtable on agricultural sustainability – August 2015, Canberra.

The longest conflict: launch and panel discussion with Neil Morrisetti and Chris Barrie – June 2015, Melbourne.

High-level roundtable on government service delivery – March 2015, Melbourne.




This bubble could have been burst before it inflated Sam Hurley and Travers McLeod, The Huffington Post, 17 March 2017

Boosting refugee jobs would be a win-win for Australia Travers McLeod and Henry Sherrel, The Huffington Post, 24 February 2017

Ring fencing: who should have power over your solar and storage? Alexander Marks, RenewEconomy, 16 December 2017

Donald Trump’s Patton has history in his corner Travers McLeod, The Australian, 6 December 2016

We can’t ignore past lessons when designing future public services Sam Hurley, The Canberra Times, 6 December 2016

Company directors can be held legally liable for ignoring the risks from climate change Travers McLeod, John Wiseman and Sam Hurley, The Conversation, 4 November 2016.

A larger policy community can make Australia a more constructive and influential regional power Travers McLeod, for Australian Council for International Development, 2 November 2016.

How the Asia-Pacific can lead the way on migrants and refugees Travers McLeod, Peter Hughes, Serigraph Petcharames, Steven Wong, Tri Nuke Pudjiastuti, The Conversation, 21 September 2016.

Voters were doubly disillusioned Travers McLeod and Mark Triffitt, The Age, 5 July 2016.

The Andaman Sea refugee crisis a year on: is the region now better prepared? Travers McLeod, Peter Hughes, Serigraph Petcharames, Steven Wong, Tri Nuke Pudjiastuti, The Conversation, 27 May 2016.

The Andaman Sea refugee crisis a year on: what happened and how did the region respond?  Travers McLeod, Peter Hughes, Serigraph Petcharames, Steven Wong, Tri Nuke Pudjiastuti, The Conversation, 26 May 2016.

A new hope for Myanmar’s Rohingya migrants?  Travers McLeod, Southeast Asia Globe, 9 May 2016.

Financing government in uncertain times  Sam Hurley, Inside Story, 24 April 2016

The Bali Process can do a  lot more to respond to forced migration in our region  Travers McLeod, Peter Hughes, Sriprapha Petcharames, Steven Wong, Tri Nuke Pudjiastuti, The Conversation, 21 March 2016.

Defence White Paper needs to acknowledge we are at war with nature  Rob Sturrock, 19 February 2016.

Battle of ideas is on as an election-year innovation debate starts to make up for lost time  Travers McLeod and Anand Kulkarni, The Conversation, 18 January 2016.


Deepening Australia’s regional relationships through climate security  Rob Sturrock, ‘The Strategist, 3 December 2015.

Relaxing airstrike rules is a recipe for disaster  Travers McLeod, The Drum, 1 December 2015.

Unusual suspects challenging usual thinking on climate change  Travers McLeod, The Huffington Post, 30 November 2015.

Does apathy to the political system among young people point to a crisis in Australian democracy?  Travers McLeod, Meanjin, Spring 2015.

Weakness and crisis lie at the heart of Australian politics  Rob Sturrock, The Huffington Post, 16 September 2015

Too little too late: Australia still missing from serious climate change debate  Rob Sturrock and Ian Dunlop, The Age, 14 August 2015.

Entitlements scandal is a sign of political rot  Travers McLeod and Mark Triffit, The SMH, 13 August 2015.

Australia’s peace threatened by climate change  Rob Sturrock, The SMH, 22 June 2015

Budget week reveals an appetite for government but not to govern  Travers McLeod, ‘The Conversation, 15 May 2015.

Hidden crisis of parliamentary democracy creates climate change paralysis  Travers McLeod and Mark Triffit, The Conversation, 22 April 2015.

Lets talk: Australians ready for a real conversation about the economy  Sam Hurley, The Age, 15 April 2015.

The Intergenerational Report should be the time for a conversation about Australia’s future  Sam Hurley, The Age, 23 February 2015.

Don’t blame micro-parties or the senate, update an archaic system  Travers McLeod and Mark Triffit, The Conversation, 23 February 2015.

Prosperity or decline? Liberating ideas can reboot our economy  Travers McLeod and Anand Kulkarni, The Conversation, 23 January 2015.

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