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Losing the Game: State of our schools in 2017 | REPORT | June 2017

communications - June 2017

Six years after the recommendations from the original Gonski Review into education were published, Australia is once again on the cusp of major education reform. In early May, the Turnbull Government surprised everyone by proposing a new package of needs-based, sector-blind schools funding for the next decade. David Gonski AC returns to...

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Settling Better: Reforming refugee employment and settlement services | REPORT | February 2017

communications - February 2017

As a nation built on immigration, humanitarian migrants (refugees and others in refugee-like situations) make up only a small proportion of the entrants who settle in Australia. Over time, however, these refugees have made an enormous contribution to the nation. Ensuring their successful integration has been vital to building a...

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Avoiding gridlock: policy directions for Australia’s electricity system | DISCUSSION PAPER | December 2016

communications - December 2016

Today CPD is releasing a new paper titled Avoiding Gridlock: Policy Directions for Australia’s Electricity System. The paper is written by Alexander Marks, who was the recipient of the 2016 CPD Sustainable Economy Program Studentship. The paper is based on research Alex completed at Oxford University’s Smith School for Enterprise and...

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New legal opinion and business roundtable on climate risks and directors’ duties | LEGAL OPINION and ROUNDTABLE | October 2016

communications - October 2016

CPD has released a new legal opinion on the extent to which Australian corporate law permits (and indeed requires) company directors to take climate change into account when making decisions about company strategy, performance and risk disclosure. The opinion was commissioned by CPD in partnership with the Future Business Council, and...

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Third meeting | ASIA DIALOGUE ON FORCED MIGRATION | September 2016

communications - September 2016

The third Dialogue meeting took place in September 2016. Download key documents below and read on for more about the meeting, including photos. Key documents for the third Dialogue meeting: Participant profiles Full agenda and participant list Briefing papers Supplementary Business Session pack Press Release, article in the New Straits Times and...

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