So long, and thanks for all the great ideas!

    Miriam on The Nation

    I have one of the best jobs in the country. I get to work with smart, dedicated, talented people to help make progressive ideas matter. It’s a privilege I’ve treasured since the Centre for Policy Development began over six years ago, and I’m about to leave it behind: I’m heading to Europe at the start of next year to take a long sabbatical and hang out with my lovely and very patient partner, who’s currently studying in Zürich. So, one of the best jobs in the country is now up for grabs.

    I’m very excited about CPD’s plans and potential for the future, and proud of what we’ve done so far – the organisation is in great shape, with a great team, and I’m looking forward to staying involved as one of our many Fellows after I depart at the end of the year.

    If you’d like to see a more hopeful vision for Australia and a more generous view of human nature reflected in public debates and public policy, if you love to work with smart people to dive into the evidence of what works and tell others of what you’ve learned, if you’re frustrated by the disconnect between ‘political reality’ and ‘reality reality’, if you dance with glee when you’ve successfully raised funds for a great project, if you’re sick of throwing things at the TV and would like to be a voice for great ideas, hard evidence and progressive thinking, then this is the job for you.

    I’m so grateful to all of you who have supported CPD with your time, ideas, advice, energy, and donations during the last six years – you make what we do possible, and I hope you’ll continue your support over the coming years.

    Many thanks,

    Miriam Lyons.