The Centre for Policy Development supports marriage equality

The Centre for Policy Development’s Board met last night for its Annual General Meeting and confirmed the organisation’s support for marriage equality. 


CPD is an independent and non-partisan Approved Research Institute. Our values commit us, among other things, to a society that expands opportunity and social justice. Our policy development is geared towards an Australia that is equitable, aspirational and truly prosperous – and enlivened by the challenge of shaping a better future for all Australians. 


CPD believes the current law on marriage is unjust and belongs in Australia’s past, not in its future. We strongly support marriage equality so that LGBTIQ+ Australians have the same right given to others: the right to marry the person they choose. 

CPD recognises the marriage equality survey, and ongoing debate, is having negative impacts on the LGBTIQ+ community as a whole and on its individual members. As part of this community, CPD offers its continued and wholehearted support to our friends, families and colleagues and stands in solidarity with them. CPD does not take a position in elections but we oppose discrimination and prejudice in all its forms.