Measuring What Matters: Submission to Treasury



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The Centre for Policy Development’s Measuring What Matters  submission to Treasury followed the inclusion of a Wellbeing Statement in the 2022 October Budget papers.

The submission draws on CPD’s expertise in Wellbeing Government to recommend a thorough, diverse and local discussion throughout Australia to develop national goals for long-term wellbeing.

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We need to determine what matters to us as a country – what we are working towards – before we can measure what matters and whether we are making progress towards it.

In finding out what really matters to Australians the government has an opportunity to identify the central goals that make up a national vision of the future.

Insights for Policymakers

Measuring What Matters identifies several lessons for contemporary policymakers. It proposes the following steps:

  • The government should start by identifying broad wellbeing goals
  • Discovering what these goals are needs to be part of a national conversation about the Australia we want for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren
  • This national conversation must include community consultation that is broad and inclusive
  • Measurement is a tool to support a wellbeing framework and should be carefully designed with utility in mind
Measuring What Matters
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