Principles for an effective wellbeing budget



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Principles for an effective wellbeing budget is a briefing paper by the Centre for Policy Development’s Wellbeing Government Initiative.

It builds on the research contained in the Redefining progress report to articulate working principles for the October 2022 Federal Budget in the context of a broader Australian approach to wellbeing government and economics.

It recommends:

  • Explicit goals through clear links between wellbeing measurements and policy decisions
  • Long-term change on the things that matter through upstream analysis
  • Building foundations for effective government by developing the right skills, guidance and collaborations across government

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It is time for Australia to work towards a more just and sustainable society where the economy works to serve Australians and what matters to them.

Australia is not alone on this journey. More
and more governments are looking to design
budgets that deliver on high-level, crosscutting priorities.

Beyond the 2022/23 budgetary cycle the briefing note recommends:

  • Staying on course with regular progress assessments
  • Systems that embed wellbeing into decision-making across government
  • Guardrails through independent oversight
  • Community dialogue to determine what matters most

The briefing note was written by CPD senior policy adviser Dr Cressida Gaukroger and strategic adviser Dr Katherine Trebeck.

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