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Inspirational entrepreneur Dr Gunter Pauli was the keynote speaker at the Sustainable Business Australia forum, outlining his vision of The Blue Economy and its wide scope of economic, social, and environmental benefits. Providing the Australian context is a panel of leading thinkers; Rob Coombs, Miriam Lyons, and Ben Waters. The report was prepared by SBA’s CEO Andrew Petersen, in conjunction with Therese Raft and Stephen Lennon from ARUP.

The panel discussed and analysed current Australian industry and business psyche, concluding that we often don’t see beyond what is immediately available or obvious to us. The aim is to move attitudes and practice away from the status quo, and towards more innovation, increased sustainability, and the encouragement of local entrepreneurship.

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How can Australia maintain global prosperity when natural resources are increasingly scarce, the planet is in increasing disrepair, and 3 billion people were expected to join the “middle class” by 2030?

Global interconnectedness had landed us in a world where isolating the impact of a problematic country, company or issue for that matter, was no longer possible.