Targets, pathways and progress: CPD submission to the Climate Change Authority



Feedback on exposure draft of climate disclosure legislation: Submission to Treasury

The Centre for Policy Development made a submission to the Climate Change Authority (CCA) that provides feedback regarding its 2024 issues paper – Targets, Pathways and Progress.

Later this year the CCA will provide a series of reports to the Australian Government on Australia’s emissions reduction targets and the transition to a net zero economy. This will inform the development of the government’s Net Zero by 2050 Plan and provide valuable information for the authority’s advice on Australia’s 2035 emissions reduction targets. 

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The Centre for Policy Development submission to the Climate Change Authority provides feedback on their issues paper on the transition to a net zero economy. It makes a number of recommendations to ensure Australia maintains a level of ambition that matches our responsibility as a developed nation to drastically reduce emissions by 2035.

What does the submission recommend?

The submission makes 14 recommendations related to tightening emissions reduction targets, altering public procurement and government investment mechanisms to catalyse finance for the net zero transition, and ensuring benefits are shared amongst all Australians.

  • On Australia’s international obligations, the submission suggests the CCA should recommend a target for 2035 in the range of a 71-90% reduction in emissions from 2005 levels, and set a target for reduction of Australia’s Scope 3 emissions.
  • It says the government should complement its emerging industrial policy by setting a clear strategic direction and creating a diverse policy mix to support this direction. It also says more Commonwealth funding should be spent on programs that support the early-mid stages of the innovation process.
  • On markets for emissions reduction outcomes, the submission recommends that the Safeguard Mechanism be consistently expanded until it functions effectively as an economy-wide carbon price.
  • On supporting the wellbeing of workers and communities, it recommends establishing an authority, similar to the Scottish Just Transition Commission, to provide advice to the Australian Government on how to deliver a just transition for all.