Third Wellbeing Initiative roundtable



The Third Wellbeing Initiative roundtable was held in Canberra on Wednesday 26 April 2023 and attended by senior public servants from the Commonwealth and four states and territories.

In line with the custom of CPD roundtable discussions, this meeting was held under the Chatham House Rule.

The roundtable discussion featured Sophie Howe, the inaugural Future Generations Commissioner of Wales, sharing her direct insights on the implementation of the Welsh Wellbeing of Future Generations Act 2015 and its influence in shaping the National Conversation of “The Wales We Want.” 

Meeting Pack from the Third Wellbeing Initiative roundtable

Points of discussion

Ms Howe shared how this process led to the establishment of seven national goals and five ways of working in Wales, effectively integrating the wellbeing of current and future generations into the government’s policy-making processes.

Ms Howe’s presentation, detailing various challenges and achievements, offered a practical blueprint for similar initiatives in Australia. Notably, all these advancements were achieved without the allocation of extra funding.

The Measuring What Matters team at Commonwealth Treasury received 160 submissions to the first round of consultations on the development of Australia’s own wellbeing framework.

Based on the content of these submissions and discussions with experts in wellbeing governance, they have opened another round of community consultation and are considering a broader national conversation following the first Measuring What Matters Statement that will be published mid-year.

Other Commonwealth agencies shared their involvement and aspirations for Australia’s wellbeing framework, including specific considerations for including Indigenous views and Indigenous data.

Other subjects that were touched on included the need for bipartisanship and for coordination across different levels of government.

How the Public Service Reform Commission can consider wellbeing and stewardship was also discussed, and finally, there was a broad discussion on the Welsh five ways of working and how such a system could operate in Australia.

About the Wellbeing Government Initiative

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