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ASEAN Energy Business Forum - Investing in Energy Transition in Indonesia: Bridging the gap between Policy and Practice

The ASEAN Energy Business Forum (AEBF), was held in Bali on 25 August 2023 alongside the ASEAN Ministers of Energy Meeting and East Asia Summit Energy Ministers Meeting.

The Centre for Policy Development produced an event at the forum titled Investing in Energy Transition in Indonesia: Bridging the gap between Policy and Practice.

The discussion as part of the Australia-Indonesia Energy Transition Policy Dialogue  focused on identifying and removing barriers to private sector investment in Indonesian green energy projects.

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Participants included Suncable, Quantum Power Asia, Indonesian state power generator PLN, and representatives from the Indonesian Ministries of Investment, Finance, and Energy and Mineral Resources, as well as policymakers from the Balinese local government.

The event included the perspectives of private sector investors on opportunities for green energy in Indonesia, and the policy settings needed to encourage capital flows.

Picture of two men speaking at an event in front of a blue backdrop featuring traditional Balinese architecture. One man wears a suit and tie
President Director of PLN, Darmawan Prasodjo (left) and The Head of Labour, Energy and Mineral Resources, Provincial Government of Bali, Bapak Ida Bagus Setiawan, at the Centre for Policy Development's ASEAN Energy Business Forum Event in Bali on 25 August 2023. Photo: Lucky Lontoh, IISD


Speakers noted that bureaucratic and regulatory barriers to investment have lowered, and discussed proposals to build on this progress.

These included measures to address market distortions created by fossil fuel subsidies and the prevalence of Take or Pay agreements leading to oversupply in the Java grid.

In responding to these concerns policymakers emphasised the importance of upgrading transmission, interconnectivity and grid integration, a key challenge in the archipelagic nation.

Centre for Policy Development, Climateworks Centre, and NGO partners gathered in Bali for the ASEAN Energy Business Forum

Later, Centre for Policy Development CEO Andrew Hudson  joined a high-level between 12 CEOS and 8 ASEAN energy ministers.

Mr Hudson and other Centre for Policy Development leaders met with senior officials in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.