ATTN – MOVE TO PAST EVENTS Developing & Implementing KPIs in Government | 15-16 May



Criterion Conferences will be hosting this conference in Canberra, with the aim of ‘achieving strategic objectives through accountability and performance improvement.’
A recent report by the Australian National Audit Office found that many government agencies continue to find it difficult to develop and implement effective KPI’s. Consequently this has prohibited effective monitoring and assessment of programs and their effect on achieving overall departmental objectives.
This conference will illustrate frameworks for effective Key Performance Indicator Systems development and implementation.
By fleshing out essential criteria for KPI’s to reflect program outcomes and influence future direction, and by showcasing examples of current systems or those being developed practitioners will take away tools that will assist with meeting overall departmental objectives, whilst strengthening accountability.
Areas to be explored:
–          How to design and develop effective KPI’s in line with strategic objectives
–          How to create KPI’s that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timed
–          The role of qualitative vs quantitative measures
–          KPI’s that drive management activities
–          How to utilise in-house data for effective KPI development, management and forecasting
–          Managing oversight points which can prevent meeting KPI’s
–          How to balance short term imperatives with long term strategies
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