New Materials: Early Childhood Initiative Evidence Pack 1



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CPD’s Early Childhood Development (ECD) Initiative is pleased to release its first evidence pack: ‘Building the Case for Reform’.

The Early Childhood Initiative Evidence Pack has been adapted from materials prepared by the CPD team for the first two meetings of the ECD Council. This initial pack focuses on early childhood education and care (ECEC) as a key part of the broader ECD system. The pack outlines the opportunity to reposition early childhood development, and particularly ECEC, as a major driver of economic and social outcomes for all Australians, making the case for a ‘guarantee’ to all Australian children and families.

New Materials: Early Childhood Initiative Evidence Pack 1

While the Early Childhood Initiative Evidence Pack incorporates ECD Council feedback, it should not be considered representative of an agreed view of the Council, or as representing the views of individual participants or their organisations.

View the evidence pack below: 

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Getting the ECD system right will take national collaboration. It
requires putting children on the national agenda and developing a
national guarantee to young children and their families. It
requires developing a common knowledge base as a driver of
quality and service integration. It then involves sequencing ECD
reforms to deliver on this guarantee.

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Childcare centres across Australia are suffering staff shortages, which have been exacerbated by the COVID crisis. Many childcare workers across Australia left when parents started pulling their children out of childcare due to the pandemic, especially casuals not eligible for JobKeeper.