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Making Australia the best place to be a child and raise a family

The Early Childhood Initiative works with leaders, researchers and public officials in the Early Childhood Development Council to continually refine and progress a new vision for a nation where every child can thrive.

In 2021 the Centre for Policy Development published the Starting Better report, which proposed the guarantee for young children and families – a new pillar of Australia’s social deal that all families can rely on.

It proposes a universal early childhood system that is high quality, equitable, affordable and accessible. The guarantee has since been referenced by numerous government stakeholders as an ideal reference point for future reforms.

The Centre for Policy Development Early Childhood Initiative continues to advise on the implementation of early childhood reforms including the expansion of paid parental leave, the design of a universal early education and care system, and historic investments in early childhood at a state and federal level.

Early Childhood Initiative highlights

Starting better cover

Starting Better is a landmark report from the Centre for Policy Development’s Early Childhood Initiative that proposes a Guarantee for Young Children and Families, and provides a roadmap to make it a reality

The Early Childhood Development Council brings public officials, experts, researchers, advocates, unions and peak bodies together to discuss the direction of Australia’s early childhood system

The Centre for Policy Development shapes Australia’s early childhood policy through advice and guidance to the Early Years Strategy, the Productivity Commission, the Employment White Paper and more

Early Childhood Initiative experts

Early Childhood Initiative recent work

Growing Together is a report from the Centre for Policy Development that outlines a long-term vision and roadmap for a reformed early childhood education and care system in Australia.
The ECEC Funding Models Consultation Paper is a joint release from CPD and the Front Project that considers the design and features of a future funding model for Australia's ECEC

Early Childhood Initiative in the media

Childcare should be free, according to Greens member for Western Victoria Sarah Mansfield.
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has backed calls for a $10 childcare scheme that has been floated as a way of helping young children get a better education.
There are calls for an overhaul of Australia’s early learning sector as parents battle high costs and low availability. Under the proposal, parents would pay no more than $10 for childcare - if anything at all.
A leading think-tank has put forward a plan suggesting all Australian families could have three days of childcare per week, at a cost of no more than $10 per day.
Could your childcare be just 10 bucks a day in 10 years’ time? Australian think-tank the Centre for Policy Development has charted a path to get us there…amid a growing push to make childcare universal.
Anthony Albanese says universal childcare would be a “national asset” akin to Medicare and superannuation, with the Prime Minister welcoming a fresh proposal to cap childcare at $10 a day as an “important contribution” to efforts to reform the sector.

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