Third 2035 Climate Initiative roundtable



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The third 2035 Climate Initiative roundtable was hosted by the Centre for Policy Development in partnership with Climateworks Centre, Pollination, ACTU and AI Group on Wednesday 19 July 2023.

It focused on ‘green industrial policy’ globally, investigating Australia’s path to developing significant clean export industries such as green steel and value-added critical minerals.

In convening the discussion we asked:

  • What sort of economy could Australia have in 2035 and what does it mean to become a ‘renewable superpower’?
  • What would we need to do to achieve the ‘superpower’ ambition?

Briefing Pack from the Third 2035 Climate Initiative roundtable

What could make green industries viable in Australia?

Fifty people attended the third 2035 Climate Initiative roundtable, including state and federal government officials, investors, and leaders representing businesses and workers.

They shared perspectives on future Australian contributions to clean industry in the context of global developments such as the US Inflation Reduction Act, to identify opportunities for a sustainable future Australian economy that is prosperous, diversified and resilient.

Third 2035 Climate Initiative roundtable

2035 Climate Initiative Roundtable Three reflections

The roundtable assessed the significant opportunity for Australia, and the decisive actions required to maximise its promise. These include both policy support and step change in capital investment.

Participants highlighted the rapid pace and monumental scale of change elsewhere, and the time-bound window for action that Australia faces.

The discussion also covered the importance of near-term Australian action to contribute to global decarbonisation, including from exports such as iron ore, in which overseas emissions from processing are about double all of Australia’s domestic emissions.

About the 2035 Climate Initiative

The 2035 Climate Initiative is an evolution of the Climate and Recovery Initiative (2020-2022).

We look beyond the horizon of the current decade, and identify the best ideas and opportunities for aligning Australia’s long-term economic future with climate and transition priorities. Our stakeholder roundtable series brings together trusted leaders, experts and advisers from business, regulation, policy and the community to consider the challenges and opportunities ahead.