About CPD


The Centre for Policy Development is an independent and non-partisan policy institute. Our focus is developing policy ideas that can outlast political cycles and enhance the lives of current and future generations.

We create viable ideas from rigorous research at home and abroad. We connect experts and stakeholders to develop these ideas into practical policy proposals. We then work to convince governments, business and civil society of the merits of implementation.

21st Century challenges demand new and innovative solutions and CPD recognises this. Our Effective Government and Sustainable Economy programs approach tired debates in fresh ways, and push new, sometimes hidden issues on the agenda.

The short-term thinking of the election cycle is damaging Australia’s long-term interests.  From the global economic crisis to the climate emergency, the costs of poor public policy are increasingly clear. We have allowed material prosperity to distract us from the real and urgent challenge of putting our economy and environment on a fair and sustainable footing. It is time for a profound change in the way public policy is developed in Australia. We need to move from top-down, short-term ad-hoc ‘reforms’ to long-term, systemic renewal based on consistent principles, widespread citizen participation and a realistic understanding of how we live now.

The Centre for Policy Development fosters a diverse, cross-disciplinary community of thinkers, and connects their ideas with a wider audience of concerned citizens, policy makers, and the media. We are pluralist – Australia faces increasingly complex challenges; there is often no one ‘right’ answer to problems such as climate change, dwindling water supplies, unsustainable debt or entrenched disadvantage. This makes a vigorous exchange of ideas more important than ever.