Australia’s Ring of Fire

Cavan Hogue writes that Australia needs to remember that the countries we call 'failed states' are in fact artificial, colonial creations. He argues that we should not be surprised if these 'non-states' fail but only if they succeed, and thatmore

Policy snapshots

Every fortnight the Centre for Policy Development Policy will link to five recently published items – reports, commentaries, discussion papers or submissions to parliamentary inquiries – that inject bright ideas into current policy debates. This fortnight's pick:

Reclaiming the Australian Commons

Australian state and federal governments may still be in love with privatisation, writes James Arvanitakis, but for Australian communities the relationship is getting cold. In ‘Reclaiming the Australian Commons’, Arvanitakis charts the enclosure of Australia's common wealth and calls formore

Technological Betrayal

Quentin Dempster urges the government to embrace the brave new world of digital free-to-air broadcasting. He calls for the government to subsidise the cost of digital set top boxes for every household and the sale of commercial licences to fundmore