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Domestic and international reach

  • We mix the global with the local, leveraging lessons from the region.
  • We have offices in Sydney and Melbourne.
  • We benefit from partnerships across the world: Oxford, Cambridge, Berkeley, Institute of Strategic and International Studies (Malaysia), Indonesian Institute of Sciences, The Center for Climate Security (Washington).

Trusted, evidence-based convenors

  • We are independent and non-partisan.
  • We provide a safe of space for frank discussions.
  • We are Approved Research Institute with Deductible Gift Recipients status.

Proven, innovative methods to create, connect and convince

  • We talk with stakeholders to diagnose problems and construct solutions.
  • We engage genuinely with the policy community and bridge different ways of thinking.
  • We break down silos to connect issues and navigate complexity.

Tackle tough, long-term policy challenges

  • we reach beyond electoral and business cycles, taking on tough issues that conventional stakeholders aren’t prepared to (and often can’t) tackle.
  • We are explicit about our values and objectives.
  • We are not bound by only an economic framework.

Committed, qualified, and complementary team and network

  • Young, entrepreneurial leader.
  • Trusted diaspora.
  • A large, experienced and respected network across the Asia Pacific region.