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A more equitable school system

Australia faces growing inequity and disadvantage in our schools. Our education system is separating into a hierarchy of advantaged and over-funded schools at the top end, and disadvantaged, under-funded schools at the bottom. Our overall student performance continues to stagnate compared to similar countries. CPD has examined these problems in detail in recent years. In June 2016, CPD released Uneven Playing Field: The State of Australia’s Schools. In June 2017, we released the follow-up, Losing the game: State of our Schools in 2017. Both reports had a major impact on the national debate on how to best improve the system and ensure all our students receive a quality education.

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Vale Bernie Shepherd, 30 May 1944 – 23 June 2017

Travers McLeod - July 2017

   It is with great sadness that we say farewell to one of CPD’s dearest fellows, Mr Bernie Shepherd AM FACE. Bernie Shepherd was a public educator, school leader, scientist,...

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Losing the Game: State of our schools in 2017 | REPORT | June 2017

communications - June 2017

Six years after the recommendations from the original Gonski Review into education were published, Australia is once again on the cusp of major education reform. In early May, the Turnbull Government...

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The vanishing private school – Chris Bonnor and Bernie Shepherd

communications - February 2017

CPD fellows Chris Bonnor and Bernie Shepherd have released a new analysis of public funding for private schools, calling for a new debate about whether this funding should come with the...

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Fellows Chris Bonnor and Bernie Shepard continue to impact the education funding debate

communications - October 2016

Since the release of Uneven Playing Field: The State of Australia’s Schools, CPD has had a measurable impact on the public debate regarding the future of education policy. Our Fellows...

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Fellows Chris Bonnor and Bernie Shepard demonstrate the inconsistencies in school funding in new essay

communications - September 2016

Following the release of their number crunching report on the unfairness and inequalities of our current school funding system, CPD Fellows Chris Bonnor and Bernie Shepard implore education ministers to...

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There is plenty of evidence to suggest democracy is in trouble. In Australia, more people are losing trust in our public institutions and processes. Business and civil society are viewed mistrustfully as well.

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Ensuring that newly arrived refugees settle effectively into their new local communities across Australia offers a range of great benefits to our society and economy.

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Fundamental to an active and effective government that is fit for purpose in the 21st century is strengthening the capabilities of our public sector.

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