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Refugee resettlement

Ensuring that newly arrived refugees settle effectively into their new local communities across Australia offers a range of great benefits to our society and economy. Whilst our settlement services are comparatively strong, there are opportunities to improve our services and do much better. In December 2015 we released Grand Alibis which showed how employment services were failing our most vulnerable citizens. In February 2017 we released, Settling Better: Reforming refugee employment and settlement services, which identified major barriers preventing refugees from finding a suitable job, and outlined options for breaking them down and simultaneously improving services.

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Fifth meeting | ASIA DIALOGUE ON FORCED MIGRATION | September 2017

communications - September 2017

  Key documents for the fifth ADFM meeting: Full agenda and participant list Briefing papers Participant profiles Press Release The fifth meeting of the Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration (ADFM) took...

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Fourth meeting | ASIA DIALOGUE ON FORCED MIGRATION | March 2017

communications - March 2017

The fourth Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration meeting took place in March 2017. Download key documents below and read on for more about the meeting, including photos. Key documents for the...

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Settling Better: Reforming refugee employment and settlement services | REPORT | February 2017

communications - February 2017

As a nation built on immigration, humanitarian migrants (refugees and others in refugee-like situations) make up only a small proportion of the entrants who settle in Australia. Over time, however,...

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Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration – December update

communications - December 2016

The Secretariat and members of the Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration (ADFM) have been busy since meeting in Kuala Lumpur in September 2016. After the New York Refugee Summits in...

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Fellow John Menadue recounts immigration policies of PM Fraser on ABC’s AM

communications - November 2016

On Saturday CPD’s founding Chairperson and Fellow John Menadue AO spoke with Elizabeth Jackson on ABC Radio AM programme, commenting on recent remarks by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton about “mistakes”...

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There is plenty of evidence to suggest democracy is in trouble. In Australia, more people are losing trust in our public institutions and processes. Business and civil society are viewed mistrustfully as well.

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Australia faces growing inequity and disadvantage in our schools. Our education system is separating into a hierarchy of advantaged and over-funded schools at the top end, and disadvantaged, under-funded schools at the bottom.

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Fundamental to an active and effective government that is fit for purpose in the 21st century is strengthening the capabilities of our public sector.

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