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Cities and Settlement

The Cities and Settlement Initiative (CSI) aims to improve the economic participation of refugees in Australia. Our analysis tells us this would deliver a triple dividend: benefiting vulnerable Australians; boosting the budget; and improving community cohesion. We seek better governance and coordination connected to partnerships and delivery at the local level. Our objectives include:

  • streamlining arrangements between federal, state and local governments;
  • developing place-based approaches to integrated service delivery that provides holistic support to the individual refugee and their family unit and improves economic participation
  • ensuring that work and English language education can be pursued in tandem
  • ensuring that the specific needs of refugee women are appropriately addressed
  • identifying best practice to be replicated and scaled; and
  • knitting more tightly together selected regional and capital cities and providers undertaking refugee settlement.

CSI is supported by the Myer Foundation and the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation and follows CPD’s February 2017 report, Settling Better: Reforming refugee employment and settlement services, released with the support of the Boston Consulting Group. Learn more about the initiative here.

Latest Articles

Community Deals

communications - July 2020

What are Community Deals? Community Deals are a local place-based model aiming to boost economic and social participation. They are a genuine partnership between government, business and community that allow...

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Annabel Brown and Caitlin McCaffrie: A chance to do better for migrants, and for the economy

communications - May 2020

Published in Inside Story on 25 May 2020 Covid-19 has exposed the flaws in Australia’s treatment of temporary migrants. Fortunately, a blueprint for change already exists. The tragic death of an...

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CPD welcomes release of Shergold Review and its blueprint for investing in refugees and in Australia | MEDIA RELEASE

Shivani Nadan - November 2019

The Centre for Policy Development (CPD) welcomes the release of “Investing in Refugees, Investing in Australia”, the findings of the Review into integration, employment and settlement outcomes for refugees and...

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Fourth ‘Mini’ Meeting | Council on Economic Participation for Refugees | August 2019

Shivani Nadan - September 2019

Key documents: Agenda Participants list Briefing materials Meeting summary The fourth ‘mini’ meeting of the Council on Economic Participation for Refugees was held on 8 August 2019 at the Canberra...

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Third Meeting | Council on Economic Participation for Refugees | April 2019

Luisa Boll - April 2019

Key documents: Agenda Participants list Briefing materials Meeting summary  The third meeting of the Council on Economic Participation for Refugees was held on 11/12 April 2019 at the Canberra office...

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Australia faces growing inequity and disadvantage in our schools. Our education system is separating into a hierarchy of advantaged and over-funded schools at the top end, and disadvantaged, under-funded schools at the bottom.

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Fundamental to an active and effective government that is fit for purpose in the 21st century is strengthening the capabilities of our public sector.

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